Prejean debuts album

Lucy Bennet, Contributing Writer

Prejean's eight-track album is available online. Photo courtesy of Laura Prejean.

Pull Up Your Anchors, the debut album by University of Dallas graduate Laura Prejean provides pristine, clear acoustic sounds paired with poetic and powerful lyrics. The album was recorded in her bayou-side home, providing an appropriate background for her warm, southern melodies and catchy, uplifting compositions.

This eight-track album is Prejean’s debut solo work, but she played a key role in the UD-based band, the Civil Wars 2.0, where folk-pop covers meet impressive harmonies, causing students to fill the Cap Bar or Mall during their sets.

Prejean, a vocalist and guitarist for the Civil Wars 2.0, graduated in 2015 and decided to take on the project of recording the music that she has been writing for the past five years.

“It’s more fun to write your own music and try to convey a certain emotion in a matter of four minutes, whether it be music or interaction with other people in terms of world experience,” Prejean said.

Prejean collaborates with her sister Katie Prejean, UD class of 2011, playing violin and her high school friend, Andy DeRouen, playing piano. They add an elegant touch to the album’s acoustic-heavy feel and give a strong sense of a live, personal concert.

“It is as if I’m sitting there playing it with you and it kind of bounces off the walls while I’m playing just to give it a little more depth,” said Prejean, who records most of the songs in a small bathroom to accomplish this sound.

The title track of the album has a catchy and almost angelic feel. Prejean’s lyrics reference her life at UD: “Pull up your anchors and sail away/ Send your wishes to the wind/ Tell your fears goodbye.”

She dedicated the song to the UD class of 2015. “To myself and to my class on our time at UD coming to a close and [to] what UD had taught us and [to] making sure we take that forward into the next part of our lives,” Prejean recollected.

The album also includes Christian melodies such as the first track, “Awake.”

Feelings of both simplicity and complexity shine throughout the $6 album. Not only is her music catchy, but it is also evident that Prejean has produced a highly poetic and engaging album that is worth hearing.

Brendan Luke, guitarist and vocalist for the Civil Wars 2.0, excitedly agreed: “As an artist she is still getting started, but I think the fact that she has accomplished so much in so short amount of time with the Civil Wars 2.0 says a lot, and says that Laura Prejean will go far.”


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