Poor Man’s Dallas: Musical married couple Dave & Kate

Codie Barry, Contributing Writer

Dave & Kate, a musical married couple, “are making an impact in Dallas” despite their relatively small fan base. Photo courtesy of the Dave and Kate Facebook page.

Can cities have sounds? Los Angeles is laid back and beachy, New York is classy and refined. We assign these city-induced moods their own bands, the essential “(insert city here) Band.” Giving a city a band is equivalent to giving a city an identity, an auditory flavor, more a state of mind than a sound. So now we come to Dallas. What is the sound of Dallas?

Here is where Dave & Kate come in, a musical married couple based in Dallas. Their album, Songs of Flatland (2014), can be found on Spotify under the artist name David Gregory (although his wife Kate Gregory contributes on vocals, Dave & Kate did not become a reality until after the album was released). The acoustic group is accompanied by a violin and keyboard, creating a pure, naturalistic and approachable sound. Dave & Kate have a small fan base, but are making an impact in Dallas. They played at the Prophet Bar in Deep Ellum, and were featured in Through the Lens Magazine.

“Their fresh sound and honest lyrics have a seemingly strong southern po-mo influence, with hints of Dylan-esque qualities and familiar, comfortable ‘90s alt rock undertones. Songs completely foreign to me felt as if I had known them for years. For the first time, in a long time, music truly spoke to me in a way so profound that I was utterly and completely compelled to cover this amazing group,” said feature writer Ray Javier.

The group says this about their music: “There’s something incredible about finding common ground with strangers through music and songwriting. We search for a level of honesty in the art that we choose to connect with and we hope you hear that in our songs. Give it a listen; love it or hate it, we appreciate you letting us pass through your world for a bit.”

You have the opportunity to let them pass through your world Sept. 3, at 7:30 p.m., at Klyde Warren Park, as the last installment of the park’s free Music Thursday series—and you can dart there! Get off at the Pearl/ Arts District or St. Paul Stations. If TGIT is much too important to miss, you can also see them on Sept. 4, at 8:00 p.m., at Opening Bell Coffee, though a $5 donation is suggested.

Dallas is a warehouse city. It is made of brick and glass, raw wood rafters, and dark beer; Dave & Kate are not an established enough musical group to be fairly called the “essential Dallas band,” but their clean, acoustic sound fits in perfectly with this southern city of ours.


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