Mall à la Mode

Elizabeth Kerin, Staff Writer


EK: Cecilia, you’re from South Dakota. What’s the fashion like in S.D.?
CL: There isn’t really any cohesive look. There aren’t very many young people, it’s mostly teenagers, people who are still in high school. They have this boho-hipster, trying-too-hard thing going on. That’s it. That’s the whole fashion spectrum. When I was in high school, I dressed very different from everyone else, as in, I dressed up. And I liked doing that.

EK: Coming to Dallas, how have you grown into your fashion sense?
CL: I definitely have to be comfortable – that’s changed a lot. I have to be comfortable no matter what I’m wearing. I think that’s partially from being part of the art department. I’m also less particular about things being flattering – I like to have fun with proportions but the clothes have to fit. I think those are my three things: Comfort, fit, and fun! I like clothing, I like to enjoy what I’m wearing and I don’t really have rules. Except for maybe the fit… That’s become really important to me and I think that’s probably because of all the patterning and draping I’ve been doing. If you understand how clothes are supposed to fit, you can’t buy clothes that don’t fit anymore.

EK: You have worked in costume shops, so when you get dressed do you sometimes dress to a character? How would you describe your approach to getting dressed in the morning?
CL: I guess it could be a little like a caricature. Sometimes it’s impulsive. I don’t organize my closet very much and I think that helps a lot. I used to do it by color or clothing type, but now I don’t care anymore and it’s fun to choose things that are next to one another.

EK: Rumor has it that you have somewhat of a footwear obsession. How many pairs of shoes do you think you own? And what qualities do you look for in your shoes?
CL: For sure more than 60. Comfort: unless they’re the most beautiful thing and I just love them, they have to be comfortable. Usually I don’t buy shoes that would be considered quote, unquote, practical, like Keds that have florals on them… Or I don’t buy black flats, I buy pink ones! I don’t have staples… My Birkenstocks are metallic purple. I like shoes that are fun because that’s what makes the outfit for me.

EK: Do you have any advice for the reader?
CL: I think that it’s good to be consistent and to have a style of your own but it’s important to… again, not for everyone, but to have a little fun and do something… wear something that you just like! It might not be flattering or be the right color for you or it might be really dated, but just do it! It’s fun. I don’t believe in taking fashion too seriously.


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