Boulevardier in the Bishop Arts District

Christina Deal, Staff Writer


One of the best weekend rituals continues to be the experience of a leisurely Sunday brunch, and a tiny French bistro in the Bishop Arts District called Boulevardier presented a perfect balance between chic and casual dining for me and four friends to catch up after the summer.

The Bishop Arts District maintains a lively collection of great restaurants, so Sundays are busy. Luckily, Boulevardier accepts reservations, which adds to the fluidity of one’s experience. The seating includes combinations of tables and booths with the option of an outdoor patio. We chose to sit inside due to the summer heat, but in the coming autumn months, the patio would be pleasant.

The wait staff created a friendly environment with the proper amount of attentiveness. Once seated, a waiter quickly brought us all waters and asked for further drink orders.

As an avid coffee drinker, I was interested to see how their house coffee compared to more sophisticated coffee shops. The flavor of the coffee was full and robust. Although I am unsure of the brewing method, the coffee definitely had strength similar to that of french press coffee.

For those of age, the brunch cocktails are on the pricier end, but Boulevardier’s unique spin on traditional cocktails makes the drinks more of an experience. The St. Germain Elderflower mimosa was a refreshing break from tradition.

The brunch menu offers a variety of different takes on French breakfast foods, such as Quiche and Eggs Meurette. After we ordered, food arrived quickly, and each dish at the table was plated with care. I ordered the Prospector’s Breakfast, an open omelet with crispy oysters, bacon, arugula, parmesan, lemon and capers.

The innovative presentation of the omelet allowed for different pairings of all the flavors. The cheese and bacon were cooked into the omelet, presenting a complete palette of flavors in one bite. I usually do not appreciate seafood, but the fried oysters were complimented well by the bitterness of the arugula. Specialty oysters are considered one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. The dish was a great choice; combining a traditional egg breakfast with an adventurous spin on the omelet.

The ambiance of the restaurant evoked rustic French dining, while maintaining a high quality food presentation. The background music was not overpowering and allowed for easy conversation. The clientele was a great mix of young adults, families and older couples all enjoying Sunday morning brunch.

The brunch at Boulevardier is in $10-15 price range, so for a student budget, it would be most suited for an outing with parents or a special occasion. Overall, the restaurant was very pleasant, had wonderful food and definitely merited a return.



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