A farewell to Sports




By Colleen Slattery

Sports Editor





The sports section of The University News may not be the most well read part of the newspaper, although its proximity to the crossword and the sudoku puzzle definitely gives it a leg up on the other sections. Nonetheless, I have had a pretty dang wonderful time being the editor of this quirky section for the past two years.

I began writing for the newspaper as a sophomore here at the University of Dallas, covering track and cross country. It was never my intention to be a journalist, but I thought, “Hey, I’m an English major, and I play sports. Why not have a go at it?” I am exceptionally glad that I made the decision to join the staff.

I think that the newspaper is highly underrated around campus. The people with whom I have worked for the past few years are some of the most dedicated and hardworking individuals I know. Their dedication to producing and putting together quality copy each week is truly inspirational; I know that sometimes it feels like an uphill battle, but they persevere with great heart.

And my writers? I happen to think that my ragtag band of roving sports reporters are some of the most lively on the staff. They certainly keep things interesting, and while the articles may be a tad on the informational side, I like to think that they each imbue a little of their own personalities in each piece. I am so very grateful for those whom I call upon each week to fit just a little more into their already busy schedules.

And so, as graduation looms and the real world beckons, I would like to bid a very fond farewell to all those at The University News and to all those who read it. Thank you for making the past years a journalistic joy.


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