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By Clare Myers

Staff Writer

Andrew Esherick with his daughter, Charlotte, at her baptism on Dec. 7, 2014.   - Photo by Isabel Dubert
Andrew Esherick with his daughter, Charlotte, at her baptism on Dec. 7, 2014.
– Photo by Isabel Dubert

This past weekend, Andrew Esherick, an alumnus of the University of Dallas and a visible member of the university community, passed away.

According to senior Margaret Claahsen, a close friend of the family, Esherick’s body was found early Sunday morning by his wife, Emma, in the couple’s condo across the street from campus. The exact details of his death are unknown as the family waits for an autopsy report.

Andrew Esherick graduated from UD in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in English and married Emma in the summer of 2013. According to Claahsen, he worked from home while his wife completed her undergraduate studies. Emma Esherick, formerly Tollefsen, is currently a senior theology major who is scheduled to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in May.

Andrew Esherick was often seen on campus with the couple’s daughter, Charlotte, who turned one on Monday, April 27.

“He was a loving, wonderful, quintessentially UD guy,” Claahsen said. “He’s one of the kindest, most generous persons I’ve ever met.”

There has been an outpouring of support for his family over the past few days. On Monday, the 5 p.m. daily Mass at the Church of the Incarnation was dedicated to Esherick, and members of the community gathered to pray a memorial rosary at the church later that night.

Two separate webpages have been set up to raise money for the family. Emma Esherick’s classmate Selena Puente set up the “Emma Esherick Family Fund” on gofundme.com.

“Emma and her family are very loved, and both her (sic) and Andrew have been a huge part of the UD community in their actions, spirit, and love,” the description on the fundraising site reads.

Andrew Esherick’s UD classmate Liz Stephens created another way to express support, through the “Andrew Esherick Memorial” on crowdrise.com.

Both funds are raising money to support the young Esherick family. As one page states, Emma Esherick is pregnant with the couple’s second child, due in mid-October.

Donors to the fundraising campaign on crowdrise.com posted condolences, Bible verses and memories of Andrew Esherick.

“To the memory of a great friend and philosopher, Requiem in Pacem,” wrote UD alumnus Justin Blan.

Many donations — and comments — were anonymous.

“I will miss you,” read one anonymous comment. “I will miss your guitar skills, your enthusiasm for life, your truth seeking, your crazy literary references. You were a joy to be around and you will be an added delight and joy in Heaven. May you rest in peace.”

Andrew Esherick’s Facebook profile page was filled with posts from friends and members of the community celebrating his life and memory. The fundraising pages have been shared hundreds of times on social media.

As of press time, the two pages had raised nearly $26,000 combined, from over 300 donors.

“In [Andrew’s] memory, let’s draw together and lend a hand to support his young family with our thoughts, prayers, and donations,” the crowdrise.com page reads.

Father Robert Maguire will celebrate a funeral Mass at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, April 28, at the Church of the Incarnation. A service in Washington, D.C. is being planned but the details have yet to be determined.


  1. Ridiculous that the article doesn’t actually direct people to the page where they can donate. It’s here: http://www.gofundme.com/t45uts

    Anyone reading this, please, even if it’s just ten bucks, chip in. They’ve got a long way to go before anything even remotely resembling financial stability.


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