Mallapalooza to embrace more festival, concert aspects this year





By Teresa Blackman

Contributing Writer



Excellent music often comes at a steep price. As music festival season begins, we are bombarded with style tips for and pictures of festivals that most students can only dream of attending. After all, it is hard to rationalize paying for Coachella with a few months’ worth of grocery money.

Luckily, University of Dallas students can look forward to satiating this longing for “free” at our own music festival: Mallapalooza.  Student Programming at UD Musical Entertainment Coordinator Tommy Joseph hopes to bring Mallapalooza into its own as a true music festival.

“I really wanted to make this feel like something different,” Joseph said. “I wanted to put a new twist on Mallapalooza. Overall, I was looking for bands that would really get people going, [so] there’d be more dancing to bring people together and have a real concert.”

With four bands performing everything from cover songs to raps about Texas, the festival should satisfy even the most particular of music lovers.

To create this diverse repertoire, student and local bands will join forces. Kicking off the evening are the Civil Wars 2.0, of TGIT and Battle of the Bands fame. Band member freshman Dominic King describes the band’s music as “kind of folksy, [we’re] a folksy cover band.” The Civil Wars 2.0 will be followed by King Fisher, the winners of Battle of the Bands and stars of Groundhog.

While both bands are seasoned performers, the outdoor, festival setting provides an exciting new venue.

“I think one of the best things, that I’ve enjoyed the most, is that people like the songs we’re singing,” senior Laura Prejean of Civil Wars 2.0 said. “There’s something really comforting about people singing the lyrics with you, even though it’s just a popular song. I think it’s nice to have that in a legitimate music setting, like Malla, where we can showcase the work we put into the group and at the same time still have a good time with everybody, play songs they want to hear, as well as put our own spin on it, I mean, I’m pretty sure Rihanna doesn’t use the violin very much.”

After festival-goers are treated to the sounds of Rihanna put to violin, the night will close with two eclectic Dallas bands. First up is solo artist Hemmle, who has performed at events throughout Dallas. Hemmle raps and experiments in his songs, even remixing Coldplay’s “Paradise.” To familiarize your ears with his beats, Joseph recommends listening to “Castles and Sand” or “Waking Up in Texas.”

The closing band Team brings in a more alternative sound, with Vampire Weekend-esque songs such as “I Like It” and Excalibur.”

“They’re a really great alternative indie band,” SPUD Director Chris Goldkamp said. “Everyone that went to TGIT really liked them and I know a lot of people started listening to them, so we thought it would be great to bring them back.”

While the bands are really the heart of Mallapalooza, the addition of street tacos (available for $2 each) and a closer beer garden with an expanded selection will help create a truly festival-like feel.

“Any opportunity to come together with your classmates over street tacos, beer if you’re of age, [is] just a great time to enjoy,” Goldkamp said. “Since we’re all so stressed, so busy, especially with finals coming up, a lot of us trying to graduate, it’s a great Saturday evening just to take your mind off the busyness of life.”


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