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By Elizabeth Kerin

Staff Writer

Mall a la Mode (Ben Mannings) PRINT

EK: You’re from Bath, England. What are the main things that you notice about the way that people dress here at the University of Dallas compared to back home?

BM: People here seem to be a lot more relaxed with what they wear, compared to back home, where people will dress up as what you are seen wearing is what people will seem to judge you by. A lot of guys here will wear their sports teams’ tops with a pair of trainers and shorts. One thing I have noticed is how high you guys wear your socks! Back home we would rarely wear socks that are visible when wearing trainers. We have these things called trainer socks, which all guys seem to wear that are not as visible as they stop under the ankle.


EK: Do you notice that trends back home are different whenever you go back? Do you think your style has more of an American influence?

BM: I find that within my group of friends we all tend to stick to the same style. Within my friends group we all go with slim fitting pieces, rarely bright colors until we go on a vacation. I try and keep my style from home, and have avoided being influenced by American fashion as much as possible, as I don’t want to lose my identity. What I wear represents where I am from in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong though, I do love the things Americans wear though at times too.


EK: What are your go-to stores?

BM: Zara is always good for dress-up clothing and smart-casual wear, J. Crew is the best place to find nice slim-fit styles, River Island and Topman are my go-to summer options for bright colors and quirky designs and H&M for all the basics a man could need.


EK: How would you describe your look?

BM: Very modern contemporary, solid colors and slim fit designs. Everyone seems to recognize me as being the guy with the skinny jeans on.


EK: Is there any trend or style that you hate?

BM: Running shoes and regular loose fit jeans! I’m sorry but those are just things that should be banned.


EK: Do you have any fashion icons?

BM: David Beckham, just the effortless way he throws things together. Who doesn’t love the man?


EK: Do you have any fashion advice for the reader?

BM: Try some new things, and wear things that are suited to your figure. If you don’t know what would suit you just go to websites and magazine companies like Last of all just have fun, you don’t need to just wear the same jeans and T-shirt every day and you don’t have to spend crazy amounts of cash on things. H&M can be a very affordable way to find new things to wear.



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