Medical issue forces professor to miss rest of the semester





By Faith Oakes
Staff Writer


Dr. Olivia Novelo of the Spanish Department suffered a serious medical emergency approximately two weeks ago. She is recovering, but will not return to teaching for what remains of the academic year.

Dr. Ivan Eidt, chair of the Modern Languages department, declined to comment on the emergency itself, citing the issue of personal privacy for Novelo. However, he did say that although the department has not officially communicated with Novelo since the incident, “her classes will be covered by other Spanish department faculty, and we do hope she will be able to return.”

Dr. Amy Borja, who is taking over one of Novelo’s classes, similarly stated via email that “Anything I would say about what happened to her would be pure speculation and a violation of [Novelo’s] privacy.”

Both Borja and Eidt also expressed their sympathy and best wishes for the professor and her family during this time.


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