Drawing the line somewhere: New name, same great section





By Linda Smith
A&C Editor


My favorite role models in the journalism world, both local and international, cover a wide range of subjects. They do so by knowing what the actual story within an idea is and sharing that with the world. All journalists do that, whether they are foreign correspondents or baseball writers, fashion critics or editorial experts. I have a special bias in favor of the arts and arts journalism, and I have noticed recently that several editors of those sections have one of three titles: arts editor, culture editor or arts & culture editor. Having said this, you may now see the beginnings of the reason for the name change of both my title and my section. While I see the virtue in calling the other half of this section “entertainment,” I feel that that word can carry the connotation of kitsch, or mere sensationalized fluff statements. “Culture,” however, denotes beliefs and practices of true personal value that are indicative of a person, a community. I honestly believe that is what this section should be, and I will continue to strive to show our culture in every article in my last four issues with The University News.


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