What was Putin up to?




Putin recently went missing from the eyes of the world for 10 days. The Russian government reported that nothing unusal happened to the formidable president, but theories abound as to what really happened. Below are some photos of Putin’s hobbies and pastimes that may explain what the bold leader was doing. 

Putin + puppy


Maybe he wanted to spend some alone time cuddling with furry puppies such as this one pictured above.

McCartney + Putin

Perhaps he was taking a stroll with Paul McCartney and his wife. Look at that strut.

Президент РФ Владимир Путин во дворце спорта "Сокольники" присутствовал на встрече звезд хоккея России и Чехии


He might have been fangirling over Czech ice hockey team captain Jaromir Jagr at the Russian-Czech Spartak cup match. 

Putin + snowmobile

Perhaps he was taking time off to use his snowmobile.

Putin + Bush (in Shanghai)


But most likely he was talking business with former U.S. President George W. Bush in Shanghai.



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