University finally wins ‘Most Beautiful Campus’




Composed by E.K.

Writer, Photographer, Magic Maker, etc, etc, 





At long last, the University of Dallas has been recognized as a shining example of the true beauty college campuses are capable of offering to students. Last week, the university was named this year’s “Most Beautiful College in America” by The Good and the Beautiful Foundation.

Based in Kingston, Jamaica and funded by a wealthy-yet-lonely Saudi prince, the foundation bestows the award each year on a university it finds to represent true beauty in a sea of ugliness.  The award comes with a certificate of authenticity, a subscription to Fun Cats magazine and an invitation to share in the Saudi prince’s wealth by sending him $5,000 to complete the transaction legally.

Here are some of the images of UD the foundation relied on in reaching their decision.


Mop leaning against scenic tree framed by open door and closed trash cans.


Beholden the beauty that is Carpenter.


Sun beams reflected upon a mount of silver.



That black stuff on the bricks only appears to be abominable ooze…


My words fail me.



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