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Fudged Together By Elizabeth Kerin

Keeper of Seditious Photographic Evidence





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EK: How would you describe your look?

Kevin Seay: Mountain Funk.

EK: In what ways do your surroundings influence the way that you dress?

KS: Yes.

EK: What are you wearing today?

KS: Green pajama pants. Growing up poor on the streets of New Orleans, I never had a bathrobe. One night, circa spring 2010, when I was visiting my brother at UD, I really wanted a bathrobe. I searched all over the city of Irving, but could find no bathrobe. Defeated, I settled for these at Target.  The flip-flops claim to be James Slattery’s.  The 2012 UD Battle of the Bands T-shirt… there was a glorious evening in the fall of 2012 when a motley crew of UD sophomores came together to form the musical collective, Ron Paul and the Sophomore Six, for one show. We got this shirt for free for performing. The next year SPUD wouldn’t give s— for free.

EK: What are some of your fashion inspirations?

KS: [UD alumnus] Raphael Slattery once told me I look more comfortable than he does. I took that to heart.

EK: Do you have any fashion advice for the reader?

KS: Bow down to the almighty Dr. Gwenda-lin Grewal.



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