First marriage engagement since founding of University




Michelle DeRoche

Baby Fanatic





I could not be more excited to announce the first engagement in the class of 2015. I never thought I would see the day when one of my friends got engaged this young!

Do not get me wrong; engagement rings are beautiful! They usually bring feelings of excitement and anticipation for what is to come. I’m so proud of my friend for taking this big step in his life! So many University of Dallas students are so scared of such a commitment.

But still it’s so shocking that he would pop the question so soon. From my experience, UD students do not see marriage as a viable option after graduation. Less than 50 days from graduation, most UD students are flying off to New York and Los Angeles for interviews for full-time jobs.

In fact, there has not been an engagement in the senior class since its founding in 1956. The wedding was held at the Church of the Incarnation of course and Aramark provided food for the reception.

Whether it was the stomachaches from the food or the many kids that soon populated the couple’s first residence in Tower Village, there has not been a UD engagement since. That is, until this year.

Another reason engagements do not happen are the majority of UD girls are scared of babies. In the rare occasion that a baby is in the Cap Bar or on the Mall, girls on campus quickly run the other way.

In order for the UD graduates to become more well-rounded in their liberal arts education, there have been talks of adding a “Babysitting 101” class to the Core. Most UD girls are clueless when it comes to holding a baby or entertaining little kids.

This most recent engagement is creating quite the stir on campus – literally. I think when he got down on one knee, the bricks on the Mall trembled and the Tower swayed in pure shock. The foundations of the new College of Business building shook as well. Construction will be delayed a few more years because of it.

When she said yes, President Thomas Keefe initiated a new tradition: Mimosas on the Mall for each engagement. After all, they really are quite rare. At this rate, there will not be another engagement until 2074.

Given the rarity of engagements, most UD students do not even know the meaning of  the phrases “ring by spring” or “M.R.S. degree.” “M.R.S degrees” are often mistaken for the degrees given by UD’s new Masters of Rocket Science program.

To the one and only engaged couple in the class of 2015 —  cheers! Way to step outside the Bubble.


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