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“My Soul Exemplified—Feelings of Oneness” by Dr. April Fulz. -Photo by Dario Bucheli
“My Soul Exemplified—Feelings of Oneness” by Dr. April Fulz.
-Photo by Dario Bucheli

The University of Dallas Art Association has recently made a significant purchase, which will bring the university’s art collection to a whole new level. It is a piece by Dr. April Fulz, a Dallas-based artist who identifies herself as part of the “post-hardcore-punk conceptual post-minimalist Dada” movement. Fulz graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Experimental Installation-Based Multimedia Art, and went on to obtain an M.A. and Ph.D. in Art History at Harvard with a specialization in Edible Art from the 1980s.

Her work is titled “My Soul Exemplified — Feelings of Oneness,” and was created in September 2014. The materials from which it was crafted — aluminum rods, cotton thread and steel — show an exquisite variety in texture and surface. The balance and power that the composition displays, with its dynamic lines and overlapping layers, is characteristic of other post-hardcore-punk conceptual post-minimalist art. Furthermore, this composition is particularly reminiscent of the early stages of Picasso’s Cubism, and it also shows some influence of Caravaggio’s chiaroscuro. The play of light and shadows demonstrates Fulz’s great mastery of technique; it is delicate, yet powerful and moving — a truly Romantic statement. Her art speaks about the deepest desires in man, as well as to the contemporary fears and problems that our generation encounters from living in a world where technology threatens to eat us all alive.

Fulz’s piece was first shown to the public at ArtHaus, an internationally-acclaimed auction house in the Dallas Arts District. This same establishment has been the official auction house of the most prominent artists of the entire Western hemisphere for the past decade. Richard Pazzo, the director of ArtHaus explained the purpose of the auction house.

“[It is meant to help me] get filthy rich, fast, maybe even at the expense of these chums that call themselves artists,” he said in a private interview. Pazzo went on to praise Fulz’s work.

“[It is] a truly revolutionary piece, probably the first great masterpiece of the 21st century,” he said. “It was a great honor for ArtHaus to be the seller of Dr. Fulz’s work.”

The piece sold for $750,000 to the official representative of the UD Art Association last Friday night. The purchase was entirely funded by the Art Association’s private budget, all raised from its different Valentine’s Day Card Sales, ceramics sales and, most importantly, its bake sales.

“This piece is an extremely significant acquisition for the campus and the student body,” the association’s treasurer Caitlin Clay said. “I feel that it will connect with so many students. Dr. Fulz makes a bold, clear statement. Her work fearlessly analyzes the deepest fears that have haunted humanity since its beginnings.”

The Art Association will donate the piece to the University of Dallas. It is temporarily displayed in Gorman Faculty Lounge, where many students have already found themselves in tears when facing this piece by Fulz. The piece will later be displayed in President Thomas Keefe’s office for years to come.


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