An education degree: easy as A-B-C, 1-2-3




Brigid McGuire 

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Because of the light workload and effortless classes, education majors have the luxury of chilling by the pool on sunny Dallas days. -Photo courtesy of
Because of the light workload and effortless classes, education majors have the luxury of chilling by the pool on sunny Dallas days.
-Photo courtesy of

Education majors, everybody knows them. They never have homework, they take classes with names like “Kiddie Lit” and they get a whole semester off to student teach. Basically, if you want to earn the easiest degree, majoring in education is the way to go.

Education classes are known to be easy with a light workload, which leaves education majors with an enviable amount of free time to sit around and watch Netflix. Many students at the University of Dallas elect to take the popular Child and Young Adult Literature class where the main project is to write, illustrate, and publish a children’s book. Obviously, this is quite an easy project that requires little thought or time. Another class required for all education majors is Computer Problem Solving. This basic class requires that students completely build a website on their own that is user-friendly as well as informational on a topic of their choosing. This class is yet another example of the easy course work that education majors are required to complete. Child Growth and Development is perhaps the most obvious example of a blow off education class. In this class, students must write and complete their own research study modeled after certain developmental theories. These three classes, among others, are all examples of the easy courses and projects that education majors must complete.

Every fall, senior education majors are lucky enough to have an entire semester off while they complete their student teaching. Although they are still required to take night classes twice a week, they basically have the rest of the week off. Besides having to wake up at 6:30 a.m. every day, student teaching is a pretty undemanding experience. Everyone has gone to elementary, middle and high school before, so how hard can it be to just teach everything you learned when you were younger? Lesson plans are easy to create with the help of Google and weekly two hour staff meetings during planning time are not that much of an interruption. Making sure students’ basic needs such as having clean clothes, getting at least three meals a day and having an adult at home to care for them is an easy task. Any person can complete it within the first 20 minutes of every school day so that the students can then be prepared for a day full of enriched learning. Teaching is a job in which work can be left at work and emotional strains do not leave the teacher thinking about students all night long. Student teaching is undoubtedly the easiest semester of an education major’s college career.

If you are looking to take the easy way out and a light workload, then you should consider majoring in education. With effortless classes and little homework, education majors get to enjoy free time that all other college students desperately complain about not having.


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