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By Faith Oakes 

Staff Writer



The University News takes a look at the winners of this year’s Student Government Executive Council elections, which took place Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 20.


Joseph “Joey” Kelly, a rising junior, will be the new SG president.

“I’m excited to see what this new executive board has to bring to the table,” said Kelly. “Huge thanks to my friends Nancy [Foeckler] and Montserrat [Palacios] for their help with publicity and I’m grateful for everyone’s support. It was a great race and everyone had wonderful ideas.”

One of his main priorities is Aramark. Kelly said that many students have expressed concern about how the food situation works at the University of Dallas, especially that the current all-access and seven-meal plans seem expensive and inconsistent. He said he would like to work with Aramark to try to develop a more flexible plan.

Kelly also complimented the current state of the campus beautification project, and mentioned that he would like to continue it, perhaps adding artwork of patron saints to each of the freshman dorms, along with other similar projects to enhance beauty and affirm UD’s character.

A major point of focus for Kelly is administrative communication, especially regarding financial transparency.

“President Keefe has done great financially, and has brought UD out of the red for the first time in years,” he said. “But it would be great if students could get a general explanation of what money is allocated where throughout an academic semester.”

When asked about his motivation for his campaign, Kelly cited the concerns of friends regarding student-athlete discrimination. He also explained his qualifications for the office.

“I have worked with SG, SPUD [Student Programming at UD], every office of the SALC [Student Activities and Leadership Center], I have helped to start a club and I have been in a few clubs. I have been involved in just about everything I can be and know how Student Activities works very well because of my efforts,” he wrote in his official candidacy form.

Vice President:

Xavier Bick, a rising senior, won the office of vice president. His platform focused

mainly on an internal re-energizing of Student Government itself.

“Together with my fellow senators, I have led an effort to update the Student Government Constitution in the spirit of tradition and continuity in order to update outdated language and policies and to enable our senators to be the best they can be,” Bick said.

He hopes to allow senators to be more effective representatives so they can affect positive and knowledgeable change on behalf of their constituents.


Annamica Reding, another rising junior, won the position of secretary.

“SG has the power to make such a difference on campus and I wholeheartedly believe in taking advantage of this power in order to make this an even better place for us to live and learn,” Reding wrote in her campaign biography. “I’ve been very active in the Senate, always trying to represent the needs and desires of my constituents, and becoming secretary will allow me to exercise executive power on issues that students deem as important.”


Grace Smart, a rising senior, is the new Student Government treasurer. She ran for treasurer because she said her past experience qualifies her for the position and because she truly enjoys this sort of work.

“I had a great experience with SG this year and I’m excited to serve the student body again through my work as a senator,” Smart said.


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