Men survive onslaught from Centenary




By Jake Loel

Contributing Writer





When junior rugby hooker Luke Goveas went to sleep Friday evening, he expected to sleep in late the next day, anticipating the simple enjoyment of his new bed cushion. However, when he woke up Saturday morning, it was not to the soothing sound of light rain as he had hoped; instead, it was the sound of his roommate, the University of Dallas lacrosse team’s scoring leader Matthew Cyr, and junior midfielder Alex Ziolkowski, making eggs and bragging about their plans to celebrate their anticipated win that night.

Those proud statements came close to being nullifed later that day. For its ninth game of the season, UD barely escaped with an away game win at Centenary College of Louisiana, with a 10-8 victory. Before the game, the prospects were not good for the battered Crusaders, who had woken up for an early-morning bus ride, still licking their wounds from their three-game losing streak during spring break, even as they warmed up. The spring break travel trip had been a difficult one for the Crusaders, who had been missing Ziolkowski and sophomore PJ Hasson due to severe concussions.

The prognosis is not good. Unfortunately, Hasson’s concussion is potentially season-ending. Over a month ago, Hasson had attempted to run during practice and became dizzy to the point of vomiting three times, according to Ziolkowski.

Although the Crusaders had beaten the Centenary Gentlemen earlier in the season, the Gents quickly managed to pull ahead with an early lead in the first quarter. Suddenly, senior midfielder Cody Wooten scored an unassisted goal with two minutes left in the first quarter to tie the game.

In the second half, the Gents pulled ahead, with Centenary attack player Alex Vandruff scoring two points. Wooten responded and scored again.

During halftime, Coach Keith Lindgren must have knocked some sense into his two top scorers, Cyr and Ziolkowski, and the two took it upon themselves to win the game with six points between them in the second half. With a minute and a half left, the Crusaders found themselves up 10-6.  However, the Gents scored three points in little more than a minute, striking a little fear into their opponents’ hearts. Fortunately, the Gents’ energy burst came on too little, too late to beat the victorious Crusaders.

Cyr said the victory was not an easy one, as the team was forced to play “through the cold rain,” which negatively affected the sticks. Luckily for the Crusaders, Cyr said that “[his stick] Scarlet pulled through.” Cyr mentioned that the hat trick from Wooten was absolutely key to the win, as was Ziolkowski’s hat trick, which was noteworthy considering it was his first game since his concussion. In addition, senior midfielder Zachary “Barbie” Wellwerts scored the first of his career.

On Thursday, the Crusaders take on the Patriots of Dallas Baptist University at home, where they will be honoring the teams three seniors; Wooten, Wellwerts and midfield player Charles Shaughnessy. Shaughnessy said that the team plans on “destroying” the Patriots, as the Crusaders have beaten the Patriots earlier in the season.


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