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By Caitlin Clay

Contributing Writer




The University of Dallas Art Association (UDAA) is seeking to change UD’s frame of mind toward art.

Starting this semester, UD’s very own Art Association is officially back on track to becoming an official club again. Once a strong organization among the art graduate students, the UDAA has evolved this semester with a new mission in mind — to raise awareness of artists and artwork among all members of the UD community by encouraging the discussion of artwork and engaging the student body through school-wide events.

For all those who are well versed in the arts and curious to learn more about the arts and the culture associated with them, the Art Association has many different events planned for the semester. Our program “Art Attack Weekend” is putting public art and installations crafted by both members of the organization and contributors on display in prime viewing spots on campus.

Besides these temporary installations, the Art Association is holding other public shows on campus. Through these, participants have the opportunity to either help curate the show or showcase their own work for any passer-by to enjoy.

UDAA is also responsible for keeping interested members of the student body informed of other art exhibitions on campus. Normally taking place somewhere in the Art Village woods, each exhibition will hold a reception with free food, lots of artwork and an opportunity to interact with the artists. For anyone who has more questions regarding these temporary exhibitions or where to find them, the art department’s main office in the Art History Building has any information that is needed.

Beyond just appreciating art on campus, UDAA offers students ways in which they can collect pieces for themselves. Several art raffles will take place throughout the semester, where all that is needed to have a chance to win original works of art created by the members of the UDAA is a small donation. Other activities, like guided trips to galleries and museums in the Fort Worth area and movie nights, will also be held.

Alternatively, for those who prefer reading about artwork, the “Art of the Week” board will soon be set up on campus. It will display pieces of art from different time periods and different parts of the world. It will provide students with the opportunity to enjoy art, but most importantly, it is another way in which student discussion can be driven. UDAA will contribute a weekly “Frame of Mind” article that will feature a short description about important artists and artwork, interesting facts, trivia and other particulars from the art world.

These events are being prepared for the semester ahead, and UDAA wishes to engage the student body by fostering curiosity and dialogue about art among all students. Like the rest of the school, UDAA takes art very seriously, but that does not mean it cannot be fun as well.

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