Mall à la mode




By Elizabeth Kerin

Staff Writer

Chelsey Hogan



EK: How would you describe your style? How do you feel that it sets you apart from people at UD?

CH:  It’s hard to pick one particular style that I would put myself into. I like to change it up day to day! I’m really into mixing and matching different prints and styles, so it changes depending on my mood.


EK: Is there anything that you keep in mind when you get dressed in the morning or when you’re shopping?

CH: I look for certain staples, especially when it comes to shoes—a good pair of black booties will match anything! Other than that, I stick to neutrals with pops of bold color here and there.


EK: In your mind, what’s the biggest fashion faux pas?

CH: I don’t really have any major opinions on fashion faux pas, I think one’s style is individual to their own tastes. If someone is trying to pull off a new trend, more power to them!


EK: Are there any trends that you’ve been loving in recent seasons? Are there any that you can’t wait to see go away?

CH:  I am, and always have been, a really big fan of cat eye makeup. However, recently I’ve been a fan of the t-shirt dresses that are more flowy with uneven hem lines, rather than form-fitting dresses.


EK: How has living in Texas affected your fashion sense?

CH:  Well, the weather in Texas is much warmer than in Jersey, so I get to wear dresses more often. Even when it is “cold” here I can still wear a dress with a few layers. Layering jackets, scarves, or a beanie can make a dressy outfit more casual while also keeping you warm!


EK: How has the UD community influenced your approach to fashion? Or has it?

CH:  Here at UD, there is a spectrum of different styles. While I appreciate all of them, I try to maintain my own individual style.


EK: Do you have any fashion advice for the reader?

CH: When it comes to fashion, you should always express yourself. Wear what makes you happy, whether it be yoga pants or high-waisted jeans!


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