Gloria’s: uninspired yet enjoyable Tex-Mex brunch





By Clare Myers

Staff Writer




It all started back in high school, when a friend of mine simply could not seem to keep her New Year’s resolution. Having broken it several times before the end of January, she resolved to make a “February resolution.” Surely, she reasoned, she could keep it for 28 days, and by the time the month was over, it would have become a habit. Ever since, I have tried February resolutions, with varying degrees of success.

Health-related February resolutions are particularly useful for University of Dallas students since it is quite difficult to keep any kind of food- or drink-related moderation in place during Groundhog. So with the Party in the Park behind me, I resolved to eat better so that I could recover more quickly. I researched healthy options for this column and chose Spiral Diner, a vegan restaurant, on a recommendation from my wonderful editor, Linda.

And then I went to brunch instead.

(Hey, my high school friend did not keep her February resolution either.)

Vegan food might be good for the body, but Tex-Mex is good for the soul, so I went to Gloria’s for a leisurely Saturday brunch.

The chain has several locations, but my friends and I decided to go to Lower Greenville to take advantage of the lovely weather on the patio. It was a popular choice; we shared the sunshine with families, couples, other college students and even a few puppies.

We were seated immediately and almost as quickly provided with chips and both salsa and black bean dip. The bean dip was unexpected, but neither was particularly impressive. Nonetheless, waiters routinely came to the seating area to ensure every table was well stocked.

It is hard to go wrong with brunch, and Gloria’s did not disappoint. I ordered the Chicken Fajita Omelette with a side of rosemary potatoes and mixed fruit ($13.99). It was solidly tasty, but lacked real pizzazz. I may have made a poor choice, as my friends enjoyed their breakfasts a bit more. The spinach-stuffed Veggie Omelette ($11.99) and bacon-spiked Cowboy Omelette ($11.99) received good reviews, as did the Mexican Breakfast Burrito ($12.99).

The obvious attraction of brunch at Gloria’s (for the over-21 crowd, that is) is the mimosas. $1 for a regular mimosa and $2 for a mango or pomegranate version is a hard deal to pass up for a college student. I did not personally try one, but all three versions were said to be delicious, and – something brunch rookies may want to note – deceptively strong.

The service was prompt throughout our meal, with various servers frequently bringing us drink refills. However, there were slight mix-ups on two of our orders. When our waitress was made aware of one of these mistakes, she had a new dish brought out quickly.

While Gloria’s was not spectacular, it was thoroughly enjoyable to spend a few hours at brunch with friends in the sunshine, something I may just resolve to do more often.


Nearest DART station: Pearl/Arts District Station

Distance from UD: 13.9 miles

How to get there from UD: Take the Orange Line toward LBJ/Central or Parker Road station for 10 stops (Pearl/Arts District). Go to the CBD East Transfer Center and take the 001 bus toward Mockingbird STA via Matilda for 34 stops (about 17 minutes). Get off at Matilda @ Penrose and head north on Matilda toward Penrose. Turn left onto Penrose, then right onto Greenville Ave.


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