Core Decorum: Loving all your relationships on Valentine’s Day










Once again that time of year approaches when the world becomes obsessively aware of  relationship statuses. If you are one of the lucky ones who has the opportunity to spend this time appreciating a significant other, congratulations! Make sure you are very clear about what you are doing to celebrate if you want to avoid an awkward and abrupt end to your present state.

If you are one of the members of the population to whom the upcoming holiday does not apply, this does not mean you cannot enjoy yourself! Feb. 14 is not a day for all the single people of the world to retreat to their individual abodes and bask in their own loneliness, nor is it a day to scoff and jeer at relationships in general and condemn yourself to a life of confirmed bachelordom. And it is most certainly not a time to attach yourself immediately to the next single person you meet merely to avoid perceived societal shame. No, friends, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate and extol the love in the world around us.

This is easier said than done, to be sure, but one way to start is with simple generosity. Every grocery store has massive bags of pink-wrapped candy lining the shelves of the seasonal aisle this time of year. Why not purchase a bag and share the love? Pass out chocolates in class, toss taffy to random strangers on the Mall. It is simple and guaranteed to make your heart grow three sizes when you see a look of confused gratitude on every face.

It is also important not to lose sight of the beautiful and enriching platonic relationships in life. Take some time to tell a friend you love them in a bromantic way. Once again, it is easy enough to do, and fulfilling to boot.

At the end of the day, though, don’t forget to be encouraging to those people in your life with successful relationships. Call your grandparents and wish them a good day. Tell your engaged friends how happy you are for them. Encourage your best friend in their new relationship, and tell them that you are rooting for them — because Valentine’s Day is not all about loving someone else, it is about loving love, too.


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