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By Sally Krutzig

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Miquela Camara, who recently transitioned to the newly created position of assistant director to Student Life Services, is no longer working for the University of Dallas as of Friday, Feb. 7. Camara confirmed that her resignation was “completely [her] own decision.”

According to Camara, she decided to leave in order to devote more time to her strength and conditioning consultant firm.

“I’ve got business partners who were like…‘We just can’t manage on our own, can you please come back?’” explained Camara.

Camara joined the administration of the university in August 2014. In December of 2014, Catherine Duplant took her place, as Camara was moved to the new assistant director position.

Members of the administration declined to comment, but, stating that she left on good terms, Camara said she did not think there was any specific reason for their refusal to comment.

“I think anytime somebody leaves, there’s probably kind of a second guessing of ‘Did I have a part in them leaving?’ They probably just want me to speak for myself” she said.

Though it is customary in many businesses to decline to comment upon employee resignations, Camara said she wishes the administration were not so reluctant to speak on such matters. She wondered aloud whether the administration might have forgotten what it is like to be a student who is curious about campus happenings.

“I wish that they wouldn’t be so afraid to voice what really goes on,” Camara said. “There’s really nothing to hide. Every time they say there’s no comment, it doesn’t even mean they’re trying to hide anything, but it comes across that way.”

Camara said she believes she was not what many were expecting as assistant director to Student Life, leading some to treat her differently.

“I think I had a little bit of a harder time, just with the student body population,” she explained. “My approach was very different than what most people were anticipating.”

Camara said she believes her frequent use of the word “no” has led to her having a harder time.

“I just say the word ‘no’ more than some other people on campus and most people don’t like the word ‘no,’” she said.

However, she said it is her hope that students will eventually realize the lessons she was trying to teach them.

“I’m hoping with time, people will come to understand what I was trying to do,” she said. “I came in with a much grander purpose than I think most people even understood.”

Camara said she only hopes that she left a positive mark, especially in regards to teaching students how to handle the word “no.”

“Maybe a little bit of faith has been restored in what administration is,” Camara said.

Dr. John Plotts, senior vice president for enrollment & student affairs; Dore Madere, director of Student Life; Elizabeth Griffin Smith, director of admissions; and Catherine Duplant, assistant director of Student Activities all declined to comment on Camara’s resignation and its circumstances.

“Unfortunately, it is university policy not to discuss any personnel matters with any entity,” Plotts said.

– Clare Myers contributed to the reporting for this story.


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