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EK: How would you describe your look?

AT: I like to dress for the occasion. If I’m at a black tie event, you better believe I’m in a tux (what am I, a farmer?). If I’m at a bonfire, I’m wearing jeans, a flannel and a vest. Don’t worry though, I’m always sporting festive socks.

EK: What are some of your go-to stores?

AT: J. Crew (specifically their [sic] clearance rack), Nordstrom Rack, anywhere I can get solidly built clothing for a deal. I’d rather spend a little extra on something that will last me 10-plus years. eBay is great for that as well. I also weave many of my clothes at the loom I built when I was six.

EK: How has your look evolved since you arrived here as a freshman?

AT: When I was a freshman, I was one of those poor saps you see walking around in pajama pants and a hoodie. Of course, I don’t pass judgment on to [sic] them, but it has since occurred to me that the student vocation is one that one should take seriously: dressing well is a tenet of that ethos. Plus, who doesn’t love looking fly?

EK: Who are some of your fashion icons?

AT: I don’t think I have any “icons” in the sense that I admire the way certain celebrities dress. I admire anyone who embraces the responsibility to dress professionally and according to their own style. Fashion is ultimately about expressing oneself. If you can do that while adhering to certain situational conditions, I applaud you. In the spirit of the question, however, I guess I’m like a mix between Ron Swanson and Tom Haverford.

EK: Have you always been interested in fashion? If not, what sparked your interest?

AT: As I mentioned, I used to be a “function over form” fella. My adventures in Europe definitely incited my passion for fashion (yikes…).

EK: Which do you take more pride in? Your facial hair or your fashion sense? (And which do you get more attention for?!)

AT: Well, since I put a considerable amount of effort into my fashion sense and essentially none into my facial hair, I guess the latter. Although once my beard reaches a certain length, it’s basically a competition between my willpower and my mother.

EK: Do you have any fashion advice for the readers?

AT: You will never regret dressing up.


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