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 By Elizabeth Kerin 

Staff Writer



-Photo by Elizabeth Kerin
-Photo by Elizabeth Kerin

EK: Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

BB: I went through a huge hippie phase in high school and the 1960s bohemian look has stuck ever since. I also draw a lot of inspiration from that music scene, namely the folk movement, which has developed more broadly over the years.

EK: How do you feel that your style expresses who you are?  BB: I guess it shows I’m pretty disorganized, but more so, that I’m eclectic. I try to convey freedom and adventure, but also warmth and earthiness in the way I dress. I understand my outfits are a little rough and tousled, but you know, so are human beings and I like that honesty in my style.

EK: How has your fashion sense evolved during your time at UD?

BB: I have definitely moved more from form-fitting outfits to loosely-fitted articles; I love freedom of mobility and layers. I think it’s a very attractive and comfy look. Then, of course, the biggest change has been my nose piercing.

EK: What are some things that you keep in mind while you’re purchasing new items for your wardrobe?

BB: I look for versatility in a piece, so, something I could wear both formally and informally by dressing it down if I wanted. Also, I purposely don’t spend much on individual items. For instance, buying a brand new T-shirt for $15 sounds ridiculous to me when I could get the same thing for $4 at a thrift store. Things like tights and shoes are among the few things I buy unused and a large portion of my wardrobe consists of free finds and hand-me-downs.

EK: Do you have a signature “look”?

BB: I am told that I look like a nomadic gypsy all the time. Generally, I strive for the right combination of grace and grit.

EK: What are some trends this year that you’re really taken with? (Or, on the other hand, what are some 2014 trends that you can’t stand?)

BB: I appreciate most 2014 trends but I hate sportswear, polo shorts and prep style in general. I prefer authenticity and ruggedness.

EK: Who are a couple of your fashion icons?

BB: Janis Joplin, Francoise Hardy, Bob Dylan.

EK: Do you have any advice for the readers?

BB: Don’t buy something unless you can’t live without it or it’s a good deal. Also, just have fun with your style and don’t worry what people will think! Confidence is the most important accessory and it allows your outfit to become you.


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