Staff shakeups mark end of semester for Student Life




by Clare Myers

Staff Writer




In January, Catherine Duplant will be taking Miquela Camara's position of assistant director to Student Activities and  Chris Goldkamp will become SPUD director.
In January, Catherine Duplant will be taking Miquela Camara’s position of assistant director to Student Activities and Chris Goldkamp will become SPUD director.

A few unprecedented changes in Office of Student Life (OSL) and Student Programming (SPUD) positions will come with the new semester, OSL announced last Friday.

Senior Rachel Luquette has resigned as SPUD director, and Miquela Camara, who was assistant director to Student Activities this semester, will be moving to OSL to take up the newly created position of assistant director to Student Life Services. Residence coordinator Catherine Duplant will assume Camara’s former position.

Luquette declined to comment on the reasons for her resignation. Camara, Duplant and Dore Madere, director of OSL, all declined to comment on Luquette’s resignation, saying that the changes in SPUD were separate from the transitions on the administrative side.

“Rachel resigned for personal and professional reasons,” student body president Christina Davis said. “I’ll leave it at that.”

Davis emphasized that Luquette’s departure was not related to her relationships with other students involved in student government.

“Rachel was not directly having issues with her students,” Davis said. “She loved her team, she loved the senate, she loved the execs.”

Luquette said in an emailed statement that her only involvement with SPUD next semester, other than attending events, will be through Senior Committee.

Senior Chris Goldkamp, this semester’s TGIT Coordinator, has been selected as the new SPUD director.

“[Goldkamp] has done a fantastic job as TGIT Coordinator,” Davis said. “I know I’m really excited to see what he does for the team next year.” In her emailed statement, Luquette echoed this sentiment of confidence in Goldkamp’s leadership abilities.

In response to a request for comment on Duplant’s and Camara’s new positions, Luquette responded by expressing excitement for Duplant’s new role.

“She will be an incredible asset to Student Activities!” she wrote.

According to Madere, Duplant was the clear choice to fill Camara’s spot. In the transition phase during Camara’s hiring, Duplant took on several of the responsibilities for assistant director to Student Activities.

“It was a natural hire,” Madere said.

Camara’s position is a new role that was created after Valerie Landrum, assistant director of student and parent services, left the university earlier this fall. The new position of assistant director to Student Life Services will include some of Landrum’s old responsibilities, such as new student orientation. It will also give Camara the authority to act as an advocate for students involved in situations concerning sexual assault or substance abuse.

“It’s a catchall of just a lot of different projects,” Madere said.

Camara said that her qualifications include her experience working as a resident assistant and as an assistant to Dr. Laurette Dekat at the health clinic at the University of Dallas, as well as her experience in a similar position at British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver.

“I will say this is the best I’ve felt about the department in a very, very long time,” Madere said.
Davis also expressed confidence in SPUD’s success next semester, despite the many questions regarding the personnel changes that have yet to be answered.

“Though there have been changes in persons in the SALC this past week, the talent has not changed,” Davis said in an emailed statement.


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