No Shave November: the bearded aftermath



By Elizabeth Kerin

Staff Writer






In the beginning of November, five gentlemen participated in No Shave November. Now that November has come to an end, the results are in. It’s time to check out the fuzzy faces of these fine men.

Alec Thie grew the longest and most unruly beard and Patrick Fanizza was able to raise 50 Canadian dollars for Movember, a men’s health fundraiser.



Name: Sam Arnold
Year: Freshman
Ready to shave? “Yeah I’ve already shaved everything except for the mustache.
How do you think your November look suits you? “I like the beard, but I was definitely ready to shave it.”
How itchy is it? “It actually wasn’t too itchy.”


Name: PJ Hasson
Alec Thie
How did your beard change your morning routine? “As a result of No Shave November, I was inspired to begin each morning thinking of other ways I could imitate the great Alec Thie.”
Now that November is over, do you plan on shaving immediately? Were you tempted to shave over the course of the month at all?  “Not really. I rarely am entirely clean-shaven; I look like a 12-year-old.”



Name: Patrick Fanizza 
Year: Senior
Did you groom your mustache? “I routinely dyed my mustache black with Just For Men. There is nothing natural about my duster.
Do you think you’ll miss it? “I will miss the stache like a blind man misses the toilet.
How much did you end up raising for Movember? “I ended up raising $50 canadian! Merci beaucoup to all those who donated. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)



Name: Michael Di Lucca
Year: Junior

When do you plan on shaving? “I don’t know, probably not for a while. It keeps me warm, so not until it’s spring.”
Are you happy with your results thus far? “Yes, I wish I could grow it faster, but at least it’s better than peach fuzz.”
I heard you made a pact with your brothers to grow your beard out until Christmas. How long are you hoping that your beard will be by then? “Let me get back to you on that. Merry Christmas to all.



Name: Alec Thie
Year: Senior
Inspiration: Me
Biggest Fear: Looking too hot
What items have you hidden in your beard? “I have hidden the following in the my beard: money, cigarettes, and one time, 50 mechanical pencils.”
Does your beard keep your face warmer? “While my beard doesn’t keep my face warm physically, it warms me at the core of my very being when I see the joy it brings to other people.”
When did you start growing out your beard? How long do you plan to keep it? “I started my beardly journey on Easter of 2014. I’m sorry to say the beard will probably be gone by press time. It will at least be trimmed to a more reasonable length. ”


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