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By Elizabeth Kerin
Staff Writer






Matt Wise-01


EK: When did you first start taking an interest in fashion?
MW: I first became aware of fashion senior year of high school, so when I moved to Portland I guess.

EK: How would you describe “Portland” style?
MW: I wouldn’t call it a Portland style or even a fashion. It’s more of a vibe. If you had a party with a homeless person, athlete, lumberjack, organic farmer and someone who’s obsessed with the ‘90s, then you would get Stumptown vibes.

EK: How influential is it on your fashion sense?
MW:  It’s very influential on the way I’d like to dress. Sometimes I just roll out with whatever’s most convenient, especially during soccer season. For example, Poler Outdoor Stuff is a really great company from Portland that started up a couple years ago. They make camping, traveling and action sport apparel and gear for people who like that stuff but aren’t super intense about it. I brought their rucksack to Rome, and it was a great weekender bag.

EK: What are some things that you look for when you’re buying new clothes?
MW: I like things that are on sale and that I haven’t seen on other people before. I guess that might be why they’re on sale. But if I have money to spend I try to buy stuff that’s made either locally or by local companies.

EK: How much does your geographic location change your look? Would you say that you adapt your style to cultural influences?
MW: To my chagrin, my location does have a little bit of an influence. I wouldn’t have been caught dead in Sperries, but admittedly, my mom bought me a pair freshman year. Since moving to Dallas, I did get a Polo Ralph Lauren shirt. Those two companies are trumped by groups like Columbia, Nike, Pendleton and local joints up in the Pacific Northwest.

EK: Did you have any style epiphanies while you studied abroad?
MW: Never skip leg day. Shout out to Zach Kraus. On a more serious note, I chose to spend money on traveling and food more so than clothes.

EK: Do you consider your look to be more trendy or classic?
MW: Neither. My look is more camp vibes.

EK: Do you have any fashion advice for the readers?
MW: Wear what you want. You’re the one who has to look at yourself in the mirror every day.


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