No Shave November: beards are making a comeback





By Elizabeth Kerin

Staff Writer




November is a month of enjoying the fall, thinking about the impending end of the semester and growing out beards. We found five students participating in No Shave November, and asked them for their inspirations and experiences.

During this month, Fanizza, pictured below, will also be participating in Movember, a movement started by two friends to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men’s health.

We will not only be featuring these photos taken at the beginning of the month, but will also have “after” photos of their results at the end of November.
Sam Arnold

Name: Sam Arnold
Year: Freshman
Inspiration: Gandalf
Biggest Fear: That my mustache and beard won’t connect
How do you think not shaving is going to change your “look?” Hopefully I will go from looking like a prepubescent boy, to a grown man

PJ Hasson

Name: PJ Hasson
Alec Thie
Biggest fear:
Not measuring up to Alec’s expertise in the art of facial hair.
You’re pretty adventurous with your facial hair and haircuts – do you have big plans for this November for funky facial hair?
Originally, the plan was to rock a handlebar mustache for the month. However, I lost a bet a few days in and had to shave it off. We’ll see where it goes over the course of the month.


Patrick Fanizza

Name: Patrick Fanizza 
Year: Senior
Inspiration: Dave “The Hammer” Schultz (ex. NHL Philadelphia Flyer)
Biggest Fear: Not having the most vicious ‘stache in the league.
You’re doing this for Movember – which, I hear, is quite popular where you’re from. Why Movember? Movember for me is very special. Not only do I grow a beautiful mustache, but I raise money and awareness for men’s prostate cancer research. If anybody would like to donate to the cause go to, find my profile and donate away!


Michael Di Lucca

Name: Michael Di Lucca
Year: Junior
Inspiration: Vikings. But I actually don’t like shaving, so no shave November is a good excuse.
Biggest fear: My biggest fear is if I’m not able grow a mustache like Andrew Ringel; that would be terrible.
Do you think you’ll be tempted to shave halfway through the month? The worry is that I won’t even be able to grow a beard in a month, so no.


Alec Thie

Name: Alec Thie
Year: Senior
Inspiration: Me
Biggest Fear: Looking too hot
What are some funny reactions that you’ve received in regards to your beard? Been mistaken for a bear, an opposing rugby coach called me the Ginger Giant despite the fact that I’m one of the shortest people on the pitch, I’ve been asked to reprise my role as Gimli in the upcoming reimagining of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I have difficulty holding off hordes of women wherever I go.



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