Remembering to honor our Veterans





By Ben Demary

Contributing Writer




On Tuesday, Nov. 11, the Students for Veterans (SFV) Club will host an event in honor of Veterans Day. The event, which will take place in the Gorman Faculty Lounge between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., will give students and faculty the opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices of fallen military service members and to honor their memory. This is the fourth year the SFV club (formerly the ROTC club) will be hosting the event at the University of Dallas.

During the event, volunteer readers will recite the name, rank and branch of heroes who have fallen during the previous two U.S. military engagements. At around 5:20 p.m., Father Thomas Esposito will give a brief prayer in commemoration of the service members.  Participating students and faculty members will then be invited to the flagpole by the Tower, where Second Lieutenant Charlie Turner will lead Army ROTC cadets in the concluding flag ceremony.

“We want first to honor those who have sacrificed life and limb to protect us and our country, particularly those who have made the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives, and ensuring that their sacrifice is not forgotten,” Sergeant Eric Stevenson, president of SFV club, said. “And secondly [we want] to remind ourselves why we are able to exercise freedom in our own daily lives.”

In previous years, students and faculty members have been invited to purchase pre-made ribbons and coins commemorating friends and family members in the service. This year, however, supplies for the ribbons will be provided in the Gorman Faculty Lounge.

“[S]tudents can create their own commemorative ribbons and will be able to add a personalized touch in honor of loved ones and acquaintances,” Stevenson said.

As the event will take place throughout the day, students are encouraged to attend on their own time to honor the United States’ fallen heroes and veterans.


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