Old Cowboys stadium site, new opportunities





By Codie Barry

Contributing Writer




Night view - aerial-tennis 5-13-2104
An artist’s rendering of what may fill the grounds where the Cowboys’ stadium once stood. -Photo courtesy of Doug Janeway


The site of the old Cowboys stadium in Irving has remained undeveloped since the stadium’s demolition in 2010. In the next nine months, however, the ground will undergo many new developments.

Currently, the site is rented to the Texas Department of Transportation to cast bridge beams for Interstate 635.

“The revenue essentially replaced the revenue the city received while the Cowboys were occupying the site,” Doug Janeway, interim director of business affairs of the city of Irving, explained.

Yet the California-based company, OliverMcMillan, is studying the type of development that could take place on the 80 acres of available land. OliverMcMillan and the city of Irving signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will last until next spring. In the memorandum, the city of Irving promises not to negotiate with anyone else until the end of the six-month contract. Janeway believes the site would be in capable hands with OliverMcMillan.

“OM has done quality projects around the U.S. and they are known for high-end development and attracting high-end tenants.  This is the type of quality that the city is seeking,” Janeway stated.

Another prospect, however,  has recently been hinted at. An unnamed company has launched “Project Blue Sky,” a venture seeking to find a site for a mysterious corporation that has been looking for its new location. According to the Dallas Morning News, this new headquarters could create thousands of new jobs.

Though it has not been affirmed, some believe American Airlines is the company in question, as it has been seeking to move from Fort Worth.

The stadium was demolished four years ago after the opening of the AT&T Stadium in Arlington. Pat Daly, the associate vice president for administration at the university of dallas, remembers when the stadium was operational and a part of the landscape of the University of Dallas. Students would walk to games and even held several spring formals there.

Daly is optimistic about the effect this new development will have on the community of the university; the new businesses and offices will be new sources of internships and jobs for the students.

The university also owns a portion of the land between state highways 114 and 183. It used to be rented to the stadium for parking, but is not currently being used. The land owned by the University of Dallas is not included in the development plans put forth by the city of Irving, but UD will work with and cooperate with the city of Irving, according to Daly.

The development ideas for the area range from a sporting venue to an upscale, multipurpose area like Las Colinas, according to Daly. It could be used for office, retail, residential and hospitality purposes, with a possible sporting venue as an additional attraction, according to Janeway.

The development seemingly has only positive effects for the city of Irving.

“[We hope to] secure a use for the site that leverages the city’s investment and fully utilizes the DART light rail station [and]…will also become an economic generator by providing jobs, tax revenue and a place for Irving residents to live, work and play,” Janeway said.

City officials hope this new project will bring new interest to the city of Irving. The close proximity to the University of Dallas will open up more opportunities for students, both professionally and socially. The spot would be immediately accessible, as DART is planning on building a stop adjacent to the site.

“This site will be a new sense of pride for the city as we move forward from where this site was used as a stadium venue for nearly 40 years,” Daly said.


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