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By Elizabeth Kerin
Staff Writer






Annie Ryland

EK: What do you think has influenced your style? Have you had any fashion epiphanies, so to speak?

AR: The day I realized that matching does not mean complete color coordination was a big one for me. Also when I realized the joy of some good neutral pieces as opposed to always grabbing bright, bright colors. Growing up on the East Coast has definitely influenced my style whether I like it or not. I have a great appreciation for the classy, preppy look that is associated with the Northeast. At the same time, my “fashion epiphany,” if you can call it that was realizing that dressing exclusively in a very particular style or look can often feel like putting on a costume. So I spend a lot of my time combating my preppy past with long skirts and shapeless sweaters.


EK: Do you pride yourself in your stylistic individualism? How do you feel that the way you dress represents you?

AR: It often happens that I will dress myself and emerge from my room only to be greeted by roars of laughter from my roommates. They’re always trying to cramp my stylistic individualism. I think that you can’t help but be represented by the way you dress! At the same time, I don’t have a very conscious distinct style. I just know pretty instinctively what I like or don’t like, especially when I see it on other people. Someday, I’d love to spend an entire year wearing only black and white so that I could focus on textures, lines and fit instead of color combinations.


EK: How has your style evolved? Do you think the culture here at UD has influenced such changes?

AR: Never thought I would be caught dead in Birkenstocks until I got here! Now I’ve fallen in love with their grotesque comfort.


EK: What are some of your go-to stores?

AR: Unfortunately my go-to stores are places that I can’t afford on a college budget. I love J. Crew, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Steve Madden, Banana Republic, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, etc. However, in reality my wardrobe is a complete hodgepodge of things that I’ve grabbed from friends, thrift store finds and the occasional Christmas gift from my wonderful mother. I do love and actually shop at Loft, Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack.


EK: Are there any trends that you dislike?

AR: The invention of the camisole was a pretty terrible thing for fashion, however good it may have been for modesty. Nothing ruins a good look faster than a camisole. Same thing goes for leggings worn under skirts or dresses. But these are just aesthetic complaints. I suppose I’m sort of opposed to trends on principle mostly just because trendy clothing tends to be cheap clothing. You can always tell the difference when it comes to quality of materials.


EK: Do you have any fashion advice for the readers?

AR: Confidence! Yes, sure, everyone always says this but it’s remarkably true. It’s amazing how often you hear people say to each other, “Wow, I could never wear that, but you look great!” If you wear something with confidence, people see your confidence and comfort in the outfit and that shapes the way they evaluate the outfit itself. Also, I think it’s important to think in terms of the whole ensemble. You can’t just throw a bunch of individually cute or trendy articles together indiscriminately.


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