Who wants to have a lot of Fun Fun Fun?


Festival to bring eclectic Austin style for ninth year


By Selena Puente
Contributing Writer





Fun Fun Fun Fest is coming to Austin Nov. 7 through 9! If you do not know what that is, the words “Neutral Milk Hotel is playing” might be enough to get you interested in purchasing tickets and taking some friends to this one-of-a-kind festival. It is the only music festival to dedicate separate stages to different genres, specifically delegating stages for indie rock, metal/punk, hip-hop/electronica and even comedy. You can expect better-known indie acts like Foxygen and First Aid Kit right alongside the likes of instrumental virtuoso Yann Tiersen. You might even catch the raunchy Jello Biafra, former front man of the Dead Kennedys, doing a spoken word spiel. Folks, it does not get much weirder – and by that I mean better – than this.

An illustration by Austin Kleon, an artist and writer from Austin, TX. It was inspired by his time at the 2009 Fun Fun Fun Fest. -Photo courtesy of austinkleon.com
An illustration by Austin Kleon, an artist and writer from Austin, TX. It was inspired by his time at the 2009 Fun Fun Fun Fest.
-Photo courtesy of austinkleon.com

This festival is known for its local roots and eclectic flair. In the past Fun Fun Fun Fest has had everything from the Sexy Sax Man to mud wrestling on site. More consistently, the jamboree has featured pop-up vintage fashion stores, record vendors and the goodness that is Austin cuisine. This is meant to be more than a music festival, and has already made a splash in the art scene. In 2011, the director Terrence Malick, revered by indie fans and known for “Tree of Life” and “The Thin Red Line,” shot a scene with Ryan Gosling for one of his upcoming movies at the festival. The 2012 festival featured the first Run-DMC show that had happened in a decade. Even the advertisements for the Fest are well-known. They are consistently commissions done by Austin artists, and always remain true to a classic combination of bright blues, yellows, oranges and white creamsicle-esque colors, juxtaposed against solid black backgrounds. These posters stand out and rock loud.

This year, the highlights among the musical revelries are the dance-punk rockers Death From Above 1979 and the British 70s metal band Judas Priest. Even if those better-known acts don’t float your boat, the festival has an impressive roster of lesser-known acts like Wildcat! Wildcat!, Angel Olsen and Gorilla Biscuits. The collection of bands and entertainment is sure to satisfy and gives everyone an opportunity to discover great new acts. So even if you do not know all the bands, just remember to take a risk. Just as the Austin motto commands: “Keep Austin Weird.” Let’s all do our part. Go to Fun Fun Fun Fest and let yourself dance in a punk posse, eat a fish taco or wear plaid and grow a beard. Who knows, you might pass for a band member. Passes can be purchased online and daily passes range in price from $85 to $195. This gets you access to hours of music, comedy and eating, if you please. This musical mayhem will take place in Auditorium Shores, a public park known for hosting other well-known music festivals such South by Southwest and the widely attended Reggae Fest.



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