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By Elizabeth Kerin
Staff Writer






Garrett Gustafson

EK: Would you describe your fashion sense as more trendy or timeless?

GG: I would describe my fashion sense as a combination of both trendy and timeless, but prefer a more timeless sense of fashion. For example, my favorite pair of shoes, the ones I am wearing in the picture, are your classic leather wing tips. This shoe style has recently made a comeback over the past few years, but the wingtip look I believe will always be timeless.


EK: What do you think about the men’s boot trend this year? Is it something that you would consider buying into?

GG: Honestly, I’m not a fan of the men’s boot trend. Again, this goes back to my more timeless taste for fashion. Plus, I have yet to come across a men’s boot that I think would look good on me.


EK: How would you describe your sense of style?

GG: I would describe my sense of style as relaxed formal. Most of my wardrobe consists of clothes that most consider formal, but I design my style to express a more comfortable look.


EK: How do you think your style differentiates you from your peers? Is “standing out” something you aim to do through style?

GG: In regards to how my style differentiates [me] from my peers, I think I “dress up” more often than most people. I believe if you look [good] you feel good. Furthermore, “standing out” isn’t something I aim to do. I form my style to what I personally believe looks pleasant and comfortable.


EK: What do you keep in mind while you shop? Are you particularly drawn to certain styles?

GG: When shopping I keep in mind price, of course, while weighing the value and quality of the specific item I’m look[ing] for. Though I have a lot of what most people call luxury or brand clothes, I almost never pay full retail price. I’m constantly looking for seasonal deals or discounts. Particularly, when it comes to shirts, I am drawn to the checkered design. While I have several solid color shirts, I believe the checkered design adds something extra to an outfit.


EK: How do you approach fashion? Do you see it as an opportunity as “personal branding,” so to speak? What do you think your sense of style says about you?

GG: My approach to fashion goes back to something I said earlier, I believe “If you look good you feel good.” I don’t really see my style sense as “personal branding,” but everyone understands that people form opinions about you based on how you dress, so it’s ultimately unavoidable. I believe my style sense gives off the perception that I enjoy “dressing up” and looking cordial.


EK: Do you have any fashion advice for the readers?

GG: My advice for the readers is just to find a style that expresses your identity, and design an appearance you feel comfortable in.


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