Spotlight: Abi Weisbrod



By Kayla Nguyen
Contributing Writer






Abi Weisbrod, junior, has been a powerhouse for the University of Dallas women’s soccer team for the past three years. The 20-year-old midfielder from Mesquite, Texas, has been playing soccer since she was four years old, and she has been a consistently dominant force on the team since her freshman year. She is known for her explosive style of play and relentless defense.

“Abi is the hardest worker on the team — one time she played with a broken rib,” senior defender Kaitlin Meske said.  “I don’t think she feels pain.”

Weisbrod is also known for her aggressive attack on the wings and has had two assists this season and one goal. Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Abi to discuss the season and what motivates her on and off the field.

KN: What do you love about soccer?

AW: I absolutely love the fire of competition and the incredible mentality it takes to play the game. It is so much fun to get your teammates out of their comfort zone and see them grow from it.

KN: What are you looking forward to about [the] conference [tournament]?

AW: I am so looking forward to [the] conference tournament because I am ready to see our seniors take home the wins they more than deserve.

KN: As you’re nearing the end of the season, what are your thoughts on the season as a whole?

AW: The season has definitely shown our growth as a whole. The team, both as individuals and as a unit, has put in so much work. It is clear in the way they fight to win. I could not be more proud of this group of girls.

KN: What do you think the team has done well this season?

AW: The team has truly come together, especially in our possession on the field, our attitude, and our desire to play.

KN: Currently, you are completing a double major in biology and chemistry with plans to become a veterinarian. How do you balance a crazy soccer schedule with such a demanding academic schedule?

AW: It can be challenging to be a student-athlete, but it is manageable if one is willing to have a flexible schedule. Learning to prioritize makes everything easier as well.

KN: What is your favorite way to get pumped for a game?

AW: I get most pumped for games when I can just relax, listen to music, and — most importantly — visualize success on the field.

KN: What are some of your favorite memories with the UD women’s soccer team?

AW: I can’t say I have a specifically favorite memory with the soccer team. It is just a blessing to be able to play with such a dynamic groups of girls each day.


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