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By Elizabeth Kerin
Staff Writer






Jeanne Kuehl

EK: Where are you from? How do you think it’s influenced your style?

JK: I’m from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, which basically means that my closet up until now has been filled with clothes fit for the Arctic. This combined with your typical Catholic school dress code resulted in a style heavily featuring sweaters and every shade of khaki imaginable. I also have an embarrassing number of coats and mittens, but my scarf game is off the charts.


EK: How have you adjusted your fall wardrobe for the Texas heat?

JK: The notion of fall involving any sort of heat whatsoever is a new concept for me completely. I’ve tried rebelling against the lack of dropping temperatures with sweaters and long pants, but, surprisingly, my rebellion has so far failed to spark any sort of environmental change.


EK: Which fashion choices have struck you as most “foreign” since your arrival here?

JK: I was actually most struck by the number of people that were wearing sweaters around when it was 95 degrees out. I didn’t understand why until I spent my first class concentrating more on trying to hide my shivering than on the material.


EK: Who is your fashion icon?

JK: Blair Waldorf and Sarah Vickers. Hands down.


EK: To whom or where do you look for fashion inspiration?

JK: My sister, Ann, was the one who dragged me out of my dark middle school years and made me buy actual clothes, so she’s always a huge help when I can’t decide what to wear.


EK: What do you think is the biggest fashion faux pas?

JK: Bumpits are the scourge of the fashion world. I’ve never understood why people want to make their skulls appear vaulted. Also, camo should be restricted exclusively for hunting. Unless you are trying to hide from your haters, there is no reason to blend into the indoors.


EK: Any fashion advice for the readers?

JK: Buy clothes [that] deviate only slightly from your usual style. What really are the odds that you’re going to wear something that you’re not comfortable with?


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