Alumni efforts drive plans for Guadalupe shrine




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Our Lady of Guadalupe -University of Dallas photo
Our Lady of Guadalupe
-University of Dallas photo

A project is in the works to build a shrine in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This coinicides with efforts by the  University of Dallas to improve the appearance of the campus. This project was first created by a group of alumni over the span of several years. However, one alumnus, Andy Farley, took a particular interest in the matter. Farley was inspired by the class of ’97, which gifted the school the statue of Mary of the Annunciation. Farley, looking at the class two years his senior, also wanted to give back to the university via a gift. After discussing the idea with university president Thomas Keefe and Bishop Kevin Farrell, head of the diocese of Dallas, they both agreed to the project. However, the bishop had one request, that the shrine be in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe. After some research on the story, Farley consented to the idea. In recent years Farley has joined with two other alumni, Matthew Bellet and Laura Felis Quinn, to be the hands on coordinators of the shrine project.

The idea behind the project is not only to make the campus more aesthetically pleasing but also to affirm the Catholic identity for which the school is known. The University of Dallas is nationally recognized as one of the most religious colleges in the country and continues to show why it has received this honor. On a recent trip to Mexico, Keefe was entrusted with a relic from the sacred Hills of Tepeyac, the spot where Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared. Only a few people have received a relic from the site. Keefe has decided that the stone will be incorporated into the foundation of the shrine. Not only will the shrine have an actual stone from the sacred hills but it will also have an acclaimed artist, designer, and architect as its creative lead. Jaime Dominguez Montes, who has also created shrines to Our Lady in both Lourdes, France and Madrid, Spain, has signed on for the University of Dallas project. Montes will be working with Humberto DeGarrio, a metal artist, to construct the shrine.

The Shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe will be located on the hill behind Carpenter Hall, right along the edge of the Art Village woods. The goal of this project was to create a quiet and holy space for students, faculty and alumni to reflect and worship. The fact that the shrine is of Our Lady of Guadalupe is befitting because she is the patroness of the Diocese of Dallas and of the Catholic Church in the United States. Through the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the University of Dallas will not only have a beautiful new spot on campus to pray, but will also have an even greater representation of the devotion to the faith for which the school and its students are known.

Our Lady of Guadalupe sculpture and cross set to be included in the shrine. -University of Dallas photo
Our Lady of Guadalupe sculpture and cross set to be included in the shrine.
-University of Dallas photo


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