Oktoberfest carries on authentic German tradition



By Paulina Herran

Staff Writer






The University of Dallas Oktoberfest, a tradition sponsored by Student Programming at the University of Dallas (SPUD), will be taking place on the mall on Oct. 18. Oktoberfest has been a UD tradition for over a decade despite the fact that it gets less attention than other traditions such as Groundhog or Mallapalooza. However, it has all the components to make it a fun event: beer, live music, socializing, non-alcoholic beverages and more beer.

“With strong support, we’re able to have these events every year,” senior and SPUD traditions coordinator Will Narduzzi said. “[If] nobody shows up to these events, we can’t do them anymore. The most important thing is we have strong attendance, everyone comes out, and we’ll have a great time.”

Narduzzi believes that the roots of this tradition hark back to the importance UD places on experiencing other countries.

“Well, I think since the University of Dallas gets a great international exposure with the Rome program, it goes hand in hand with that,” Narduzzi said. “It brings a taste of Germany, or at least of eastern Europe, back to the campus and it holds a nostalgic place in all our hearts … It’s more or less like a nostalgic event for us.”

One of the main traditions of Oktoberfest for approximately the past decade has been having the polka group Brave Combo come perform. However, due to scheduling difficulties, the live band will be the surprising change this year.

“I think the big surprise for everybody is that we’re bringing basically a no-name band — their members live in Old Mill, they practice in Old Mill, they just recorded their first original and nobody really knows who they are, and they’re coming in, and I think they’re going to do a great job,” Narduzzi said.

The new band is called The Dirty Irv and its members are three of theology professor Dr. Mark Lowery’s sons: Tom, Dan and Nate. The Dirty Irv plays rock ‘n’ roll and swing music. Their opener will be The Bronx Boys, a group with more of a traditional Irish vibe.

“My favorite part of UD Oktoberfest is the music in conjunction with being in the beer garden and having a great time with your fellow classmates who are all there,” Narduzzi said. “The music and the beer brings everybody together.”

Junior and Jerome Residence Assistant Ruth Fritz explained her UD Oktoberfest in years past with two simple words: “It rocks!”

The T-shirt sale for Oktoberfest, featuring this year’s new design, will begin this week. Narduzzi states that there are still volunteer positions open and asks for anyone interested to contact him.



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