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By Elizabeth Kerin

Staff Writer






Shirt: Nautica Pants: Tailored by a Nigerian designer Shoes: Sperry’s
Shirt: Nautica
Pants: Tailored by a Nigerian designer
Shoes: Sperry’s

Name: Ife Shoyombo

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Biology


EK: Is there anything surprising to you about how your peers dress at UD?

IS: You guys separate your personal life from your fashion.

EK: How would you describe your style?

IS: I’m Nigerian. If you can’t tell by what I wear, then I have not “fashioned.”

EK: Let’s imagine you’re invited to a red carpet event — What are you going to wear?

IS: A Zulu warrior skirt! All-right, I might not have the guts to right now, but I hope by the time I graduate, I should have gotten to completely embrace that sense of comfort with who I am.

EK: How does your cultural background influence your approach to fashion?

IS: My backgrounds. I basically struggle with alienating myself from how I was told to dress — my New Jersey friends’ cultures. Sometimes I do find myself wearing “Jersey swag” when I run out of my Nigerian clothes … I should do laundry more often.

EK: What’s your favorite trend for men’s wear this year?

IS: Africa. [Laughing]

EK: Do you have a signature statement piece?

IS: My pants.

EK: What are a few of your favorite stores to buy clothes?

IS: My dad buys them for me. But I’ve shopped in Express and Nordstrom for a huge phase of my life.

EK: Do you have any fashion advice for readers?

IS: Wear whatever you want. If people like it, cool, if they don’t, find a new group of people, who appreciates you for you.











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