Holy Trinity Seminary to benefit from ‘Our Faith’



By Patricia Brennan

Staff Writer






“Our Faith…Our Future” is a $125 million dollar capital campaign that was launched by Bishop Kevin Farrell on Sept. 30. The money will go towards the Catholic schools in the diocese, the Catholic Charities of Dallas, the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Holy Trinity Seminary and many other parish ministries The campaign was announced in collaboration with the diocese’s 125th anniversary celebration at the cathedral and included notable speakers such as the president of Bishop Dunne Catholic High School, Kate Dailey, and former NFL Quarterback and dedicated parishioner, Roger Staubach.

The campaign is intended to benefit several essential aspects of the diocese that will help maintain the thriving community of the Dallas diocese. Within the campaign there is a large push toward the funding of Catholic schools as the bishop and members of the community looking toward the future and building for the generations to come.

As the bishop pointed out during the campaign’s launch, the diocese contributes greatly to the North Texas economy, especially the more than $125 million a year the diocese saves the state of Texas by educating more than 15,000 students in Catholic schools.

The ongoing expansion of the diocese and the growth that parishes see on an annual basis has proven that the “Our Faith…Our Future” capital campaign is needed as the diocese continues to prepare for the years ahead.

Holy Trinity Seminary will be one of the first to receive the allocated funds, which will go towards education and endowments for students, as well as some of the facilities that are in need of repair. $18 million of the campaign’s goal has been earmarked to go to the seminary, though the number is not final.

While donating to the campaign is an obvious option, Jim Urbanus, the director of development within the diocese, encourages students to mainly promote and advocate the “Our Faith…Our Future” campaign. The most important way students can support the bishop’s campaign is by lending their voices to the cause, he said.

The campaign is intended to remind Catholics why it is great not only to be Catholic, but also to be Catholic in this particular diocese.

“Part of it is making us all feel good about Catholics and the money comes behind that,” Urbanus stated. “It is important to be an advocate of not just this particular campaign but of the diocese in general. This diocese obviously means a lot to those who are a part of it.”

While the campaign does not list the University of Dallas as a specific beneficiary, it is still a part of the diocese of Dallas, and will be affected by the results of the campaign.

“I think there will be unrestricted dollars to be available for entities within the diocese,” Urbanus stated in response to questions of how the university could be affected directly.

Already over 50 percent of the campaign’s goal has been raised by members of the Dallas diocese. The office of development within the diocese will be launching the campaign’s website within the next several days. The website will track the amount being raised for the campaign and inform people on how to get involved in and contribute to the campaign.


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