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Soccer Senior: Kaitlin Meek


By Kayla Nguyen

Contributing Writer





Meske’s love of soccer is clear to all who see her play. -University of Dallas Photo
Meske’s love of soccer is clear to all who see her play.
-University of Dallas Photo

Senior soccer player Kaitlin Meske has experienced success on and off the field this year. The 21-year-old from Waco, Texas native is a biology major with a pre-medicine concentration, and she has been playing soccer since kindergarten. I got the privilege of sitting down with her to discuss her goals and her final season playing soccer at UD.

KN: What do you love about soccer? Why do you keep playing at the collegiate level?

KM: Soccer is the best way to relieve stress, and nothing is better than getting a big hit in or saving a goal. It’s also my time to relax and put the struggles of the daily grind aside. This is not to say that soccer doesn’t come with its own set of stressors, but dealing with them is a sacrifice I choose to make in order to keep playing the beautiful game.

KN: What are some of your best memories playing with the University of Dallas women’s soccer team?

KM: My freshman season was full of awesome memories, as I got to know the culture and started to find my place in my new world. From getting stuck at an Arkansas truck stop for a whole night, to a crazy leprechaun win over Oglethorpe, to regular Thursday Steak ‘n’ Shake visits, the whole season was a blur but I’d never been so excited to be a part of something.

KN: What motivates you?

KM: My motivation comes from [two things:] 1) Not wanting to do any less than my best, and 2) Not wanting to disappoint people. I put a lot of pressure on myself, but having both those internal and external motivators is very effective.

KN: Who is your role model?

KM: My dad definitely is. He was a college athlete, and he played baseball at UNT. He’s also in the medical field and is the best person I know. He inspires me to be better in all aspects of my life because I see how hard he works, and I know I can do the same.

KN: What’s your favorite way to get pumped up for a game?

KM: My favorite way to get amped is listening to a version of Ndamukong Suh leading the prayer that the Nebraska football team does before each game. He was an absolute stud, and the prayer is a great thing to have on your mind going into games. I’m also not one to get crazy excited before a game because I lose some of my control, so the prayer is pretty perfect.

KN: What is your favorite aspect of this season?

KM: This season I’m really just enjoying playing in the back. It’s my senior year and I’m finally able to play my true position, which has been a blast.

KN: What are some of your thoughts on the team this year?

KM: The team is really young, but we have a great core group of experienced upperclassmen. The coolest thing about this team, though, is that no matter what the obstacles, we fight to the very end. That can’t be taught, and it just shows that the character of our team is something special. We have a lot of heart.

KN: What do you like to do when you are not playing soccer?

KM: I’m a pre-med biology major, so I don’t necessarily have a lot of free time. When I get the opportunity, I enjoy traveling and seeing new places. Closer to home, I like exploring out-of-the-way places in Dallas and just spending time with my friends.



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