Thu. May 19th, 2022


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Let’s be honest, free food is exciting. Especially when you are dealing with college debt and you feel like you have no money to spend on nourishment. And even if you do, the fact that it is completely free of charge still feels quite satisfying. Here are some places you can find it at UD:


1. If you look at the banners in Haggar, you will see many opportunities for complimentary goodies. Some of the notable ones are those hosted by the Alexander Hamilton Society (AHS), which normally provide free Chick-fil-A. Any sign that has “free i Fratellipizza” written on it in big bold letters is also promising. The science departments are experts at using pizza to bring students to Pre-Health Society meetings and Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS) events.

2. Sports games on campus are also ideal places to find hamburgers and hot dogs, as well as pizza. Go support your classmates while munching on some scrumptious refreshments.

3. A lot of wonderful functions occur in dorms, particularly in the West Hall or in its courtyard. Pay attention to the fliers in the hall you live in and make sure to make a note of these events. For those who live off campus, check the fliers in Haggar or eavesdrop on what people are conversing about around you (unless it is deeply personal, then give them their space) – they could mention an event that you might otherwise miss out on.

4. Free popcorn at TGIT on Thursday nights in the Rat! Yes, this counts.

5. On Friday afternoons, “SG on the Mall” gives out candy if you fill out a suggestion/complaint form or the occasional survey.

6. Brown Bag Recitals happen once every month on Wednesdays in the upstairs Haggar dining room. You have to bring your own lunch, but they do provide cookies, coffee and punch!

7. If you are feeling guilty from all of the nutrient-lacking food you have just consumed, and you are on a meal plan, make sure to grab some fruit from the cafeteria as you are leaving. It will make for the perfect healthy snack later!

8. The last suggestion is not entirely free. I apologize, since you might be thinking that I am undermining the title of this article in the same way that dollar stores do by implying in their name that everything they sell is a dollar, when we all know that is not the case. But if you live in an apartment, you and your roommates or friends can alternate cooking dinner for one another on certain nights. That way, you won’t have to spend a fortune on meals every week.


Of course, you should attend these gold mines of nom-noms not only for the free food, but also out of genuine curiosity for the subjects being discussed at the talks, excitement for the sporting events and the willingness to converse with people, instead of merely grabbing food and dashing out the door. As Steve Jobs said cleverly, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” And by hungry, I mean literally hungry. Basically, be foolishly hungry.


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