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By Bridget Lewis

Staff Writer






Charity Week begins on Saturday, Oct. 4 this year. Juniors Stephen Thie and Jacob Loel are in charge of organizing the week of fun events dedicated to raising money for charity.

“[Thie and I] are two extremely different people,” Loel said. “We kind of represent two different sides, two different parts of the junior class, and so we are really trying to get the junior class and the whole school to take part in it.”

The 2014 theme will be “It’s Charity, My Dear Watson!”, a tribute to the famous phrase by the fictional character, Sherlock Holmes. The week will contain many detective-themed events.

The money will be going to three prolife charities: The Arc, the largest community-based organization for supporting those with disabilities in the U.S.; Mary’s Meals, an organization that provides school lunches to children in impoverished areas of the world; and Guiding Star, an organization that aims to foster a more prolife culture and assist women considering abortion.

“We are focusing on the value of human life in our charities,” said Loel. “So, before, the kind of call of Charity Week was ‘For the babies.’ We are a Catholic school. We are prolife. But we are looking at prolife in a broader sense in that it’s no longer just ‘stop abortion.’ We do have an anti-abortion charity, but we also are supporting other parts of human life. So it’s not just the birth part, it’s from birth until natural death.”

The week begins on the Saturday of Family Weekend with a 5K race. Families can sign up to run the full 5K or they can participate in the relay race, which is a new addition to Charity Week. Each person in a team of three runs a mile of the race. Thie stated that there is also a Family Fun Walk, which is a 1-mile walk which families with little kids will be able to walk. Sunday will be the official Family Day. The Mall will have lots of activities for families to participate in, including crafts, photo booths and even a Sherlock Holmes-themed scavenger hunt.

Monday is the start of the student- oriented activities. At 9:00 a.m., all of the sign-up booths will be opened, including the booths for KAOS, tuck-ins, Crush Cans, the Rome Photo contest and the T-shirts. Airband, a lip-syncing contest, will take place on Monday night in Lynch Auditorium. Students interested in performing need to sign up on Crusader Connect by Thursday, Oct. 2.

On Tuesday, there will be a bake sale running from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the Mall. There will be a movie night at 7:00 p.m. featuring the Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey Jr.

Wednesday is the last day the tuck-ins booth will be open. During the day, there will be a silent auction for students to bid on themed gift baskets. The Quiz Bowl will take place that night in the Rathskeller, hosted by Alec Thie. The Quiz Bowl costs $5 for a team of five to play. Faculty are welcome to participate as well.

Thursday night will be karaoke TGIT, where students will be able to sing with their friends in the Rathskeller.

Friday is the last day booths will be open. That night Male Auction, Charity Week’s biggest seller, will take place in Lynch Auditorium. Ladies are welcome to dress up and come bid on the males. The rugby team has already revealed that they will be offering a party on a boat.

“It’s the event of Charity Week,” Loel said.

This Charity Week will have the same jail as last year, but it is going to be sanded down and painted.

“It’s going to look super nice and not rickety,” said Thie. “You won’t feel like you are going to get tetanus inside of it. It’s going to look cool.”

Many students are excited about the events.

“I really can’t wait for the jail,” senior Estuardo Luzano said. “I like that one a lot. It’s fun!”

Freshman Eliah Davila said she cannot wait for the Shave off. “I saw a sign for the cut your hair off thing, and I am excited for it. I know some people who did it before, and it was fun” Davila said.


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