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By Elizabeth Kerin

Staff Writer

Name: Montserrat Palacios Class: Sophomore Major: Psychology
Name: Montserrat Palacios
Class: Sophomore
Major: Psychology


EK: How would you describe your style?

MP: I would say that I vary in styles through the seasons but overall I would say I like to dress classy but with a bohemian twist – like a boho-type prep.


EK: You’ve lived in a few places in Europe. Where did you live? How do you think each place affected your style?

MP: I lived in Spain with my family. We lived in Barcelona, Madrid and Salamanca. Women in Spain, and in Europe, are born with a fashion sense. They all dress extremely well – I mean they can rock their five-inch stilettos while grocery shopping! It’s more about the class of what they’re wearing than showing off their figure – they dress in a very young, yet modest way – it’s not about showing one’s figure, but flattering it.


EK: Would you say you stick to a more American or European style?

MP: Although I like my prep, I would have to say that I definitely have more of the European sense of style.


EK: What’s your favorite accessory for the colder months?

MP: Scarves! I absolutely love scarves. One can dress up any outfit by just adding a scarf.


EK: Which do you prefer, riding boots or combat boots? Or neither?

MP: Definitely riding boots!


EK: What’s the biggest fashion faux pas you see around campus?

MP: Sweats to class, and too many patterns that clash.


EK: Do you have any fashion advice for readers?

MP: Stay simple but elegant.



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