Seven simple ways to settle into your semester



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With people settling into their school rhythms, I thought it would be helpful to list some tips on how to start the school year right. This might be a reminder for some, but for the freshmen just entering the college lifestyle, it could prove to be new, beneficial information. Your freshman year can be slightly overwhelming, but it can also be a lot of fun. Thus, here is a list I hope will aid in bringing balance to your year.

1) Buy yourself an academic planner. Using your phone can be beneficial as well, but there is just something satisfying about holding a planner in your hand and having the ability to cross out a task when it is accomplished.

2) Go to major events to meet people, such as TGIT.

3) Get to know the people in your classes so that if you do have to miss a day, you can ask them what the homework was.

4) Stay healthy. Make sure to eat properly, exercise and get enough sleep. Time management is a hard thing, and it is important to maintain a balance.

5) Adjusting can be tough. So find an outlet, something that will alleviate some of the stress. For instance, I go to the Cap Bar. I am able to enjoy a delicious drink, and also have an excuse to socialize for a bit. Make sure to reward yourself in small ways after a long day of studying or after you have completed a difficult project, paper or test. It is helpful to have incentives!

6) Make use of the resources on campus. If you don’t know, ask. Help is all around you. Upperclassmen won’t bite.

7) Have a good support system. Befriend the people who you know will help you become a better person.

I hope these were useful in some way — best of luck to everyone with the school year!



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