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By Elizabeth Kerin

Staff Writer


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EK: You’re a well-dressed lady. How formally (or informally) do you think is appropriate to dress for class?

MT: My rule of thumb is to not wear anything I would wear to the gym to class. I like to dress up a bit just to show professors that I take my work seriously. However, during midterms and finals (almost) anything goes.


EK: What’s your favorite trend from 2014? Which trend can you not wait to see fade out?

MT: My favorite 2014 trend would probably be the front/side slit trends, done classy it adds an unexpected twist to a traditional skirt. I guess I am excited to see crop tops fade out- just because I feel a lot of people do not understand how/where to wear them.


EK: What summery article of clothing are you going to be saddest to part with for the colder weather months?

MT: Sandals! I am not a fan of shoes and the more I can tell I am wearing them, the unhappier I feel.


EK: What’s your “go-to” accessory for the summer season?

MT: Statement Necklaces, they go great with almost all of my dresses.


EK: Has your sense of style changed since your time here at UD? How?

MT: My style has always evolved or been strongly influenced based on where I am geographically. When I came from California to UD, bright colors/prints, jeans, and flip flops were my main staples. However, once seeing more of the ‘UD/Texas’ style I began to up my game by wearing more dresses/skirts than I had previously. Then during my Rome semester I became intrigued by neutrals and classic cuts I constantly saw on the Italians and once again my style evolved.


EK: You’re a business major – do you have any ways to spice up your work-appropriate wardrobe to make it more YOU?

MT: Personally, I approach this dilemma by choosing classic/conservative cuts with interesting prints/colors/textures. Or adding a statement necklace to an otherwise boring outfit. That being said, I always dress mega-conservative until I understand how people at a specific office dress.


EK: Do you have any fashion advice for readers?

MT: Wear what you like, regardless of trends because trends easily fade and your personal style should not.



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