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Joseph Hanretty, Contributing Writer



The NFL season officially started last Thursday, and the Seattle Seahawks, the defending champions, won the opening game. Their competition, the Green Bay Packers, simply could not get anything going with consistency against the No. 1 defense. It was a statement win for Seattle as they look to show that they are just as big of a threat as last year.

The opening game was entertaining, but it was this past Sunday that garnered all the attention. By the time you read this, the games will have already been played. But, for your entertainment and with the intention of testing my own knowledge and understanding of the teams and the game, I will predict the outcomes of each game that was played.  Feel free to chastise me for being too confident.

The Bengals will take on the Ravens and win 27-14. The Ravens lack the running game to make a difference. The Bengals have an efficient quarterback, Andy Dalton, and an explosive wide receiver, A.J. Green.

The Bears will win versus the Bills by a score of 31-21. Jay Cutler will throw to Brandon Marshall in the usual heavy dosage.

The Jaguars will upset the Eagles 33-17. Nick Foles had an outstanding year last season, but things will not be the same this Sunday, I predict. Chad Henne will be good enough.

The Patriots will win against the Dolphins 35-20. Ryan Tannehill will once again fall short to the future Hall of Famer.

The Titans will upset the Chiefs 23-20. This will start the Jake Locker rebirth. Alex Smith will continue the mediocrity.

The Saints will outgun the Falcons 37-30. Drew Brees is just too good. Matt Ryan may perform well, but just not well enough to outmaneuver the Saints.

The Redskins will fall to the Texans! I will provide no score because it will be the least interesting game on Sunday.

The Raiders will be led strongly by Derek Carr and will be victorious over Geno Smith and the Jets, 24-20.

The Vikings will win over the Rams, who lost Sam Bradford to another ACL injury. 20-3 will be the final score.

The Steelers will run right over the Browns who lost their Pro Bowl receiver, Josh Gordon, for the year. 35-17 will be the end score.

The Buccaneers will win over the Panthers simply due to the loss of Cam Newton, who suffered a rib injury earlier in the preseason.

The Cowboys will suffer defeat against the San Francisco 49ers 30-20. Tony Romo will pepper Dez Bryant with throws.

The Broncos will be tested by the Colts but will ultimately win 37-30. Peyton, like Brees and Brady, is just too good for even the up-and-coming Andrew Luck.

The Lions will walk all over a leaky Giants team in a 30-13 win. Matt Stafford looks to take a step forward this year with the new head coach for the Lions.

The Cardinals and the Chargers will showcase a great game Monday night. The Chargers will come out on top 33-27. Philip Rivers ended last season well and will look to start right where he left off.

And there you have it, folks.  Feel free to write in to the newspaper with your comments on how poorly or how well I predicted the games to go.  And be sure to keep watching as the world of football heats up again, for what I feel is sure to be a great season.


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