A senior’s farewell


Last Saturday morning, as I was standing alongside my fellow classmates and Crusaders praying for the souls of the unborn children, I felt, as I have on many other occasions during the past four years, truly blessed and honored to be a part of the University of Dallas. We all know how wonderful and amazing UD is, complete with the Core and the Rome Program, but often we forget to take a moment to step back and truly appreciate it all — to take in the little moments, the times when you are praying together, working on a group project or helping a friend edit a paper. Life is composed of these little moments, and my years at UD are bursting with stories and shared adventures that have helped bring me closer to my friends and to God. I Kant imagine my life any other way.

Community is UD’s secret ingredient. We are not just given a fabulous education, but we are provided the chance to form friendships that enable us to grow as individuals. This is not to say that good, wholesome people do not exist outside the UD Bubble, but here we have a plethora of them at our fingertips. In the relationships we form here we have the opportunity to grow and develop into the persons we wish to become.

During this past semester, especially, I have come to the realization that organized functions alone do not make the college experience; often, it’s the spontaneous after-party that is more memorable. If I can leave you with one small piece of advice, take every opportunity to deepen your friendships. I hope that you never pass up going on a last-minute adventure to study an extra hour for a test. It simply isn’t worth it, and you’ll remember that one late night conversation or Whataburger run much more fondly.

Lastly, I would like to thank each and every one of the faculty members, staff members and students at the University of Dallas for making these past four years so incredibly memorable. I might not have had the pleasure of knowing all of you, but somehow, in some small way, I am sure our lives have touched each other’s, and I am grateful for that.

“Where there is charity and love, God Himself is there.” –Holy Thursday readings

UD, thanks a million!


Brigid McMahan, Class of 2014



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