A letter from the editor


This is the last University News issue of the semester. It is also the last issue that will be published with me as the managing editor. I am indebted to so many people for making my time at the paper an enjoyable and profitable experience. I hope you, the readers, have profited as much as I have.

I would like to announce Hunter Johnson, the current commentary editor, as the new managing editor. He has been a masterful section editor and a wonderful worker. I know he will make a fine editor, and I have no doubt that he will take the newspaper forward in a fruitful direction.

I would also like to announce that Bridget Weisenburger, who has been an excellent staff writer, will take the reigns as the new business manager.

I would also like to convey my deep gratitude to Mr. Ray Wilkerson. Anything that I have achieved as an editor is attributable to him and his experience, expertise and guidance. Mr. Wilkerson, like the other graduating staff members and I, will be moving on to other things. Mr. Rudy Bush, a UD alumnus and current member of The Dallas Morning News editorial board, will be the university’s new journalism director and newspaper advisor.

I want to thank other graduating news staff as well. Photographer Rebecca Rosen has done a tremendous job every week of supplying the paper with art, and Jamie Kuntz, the arts & entertainment editor, consistently put together a thoughtful, enjoyable section every week.

In closing, I would like to thank all of the readers, alumni, fellow students and faculty who have provided feedback, both positive and negative, to the paper. This paper is for you, and I thank you for letting me steer it for a year.

-Evan Hierholzer



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