Undermain play sure to inspire


Jamie Kuntz, A&E Editor


It’s getting to the end of the spring semester, which means that finals are on the horizon and seniors are frantically trying to figure out their post-grad plans. Everyone needs a break, and perhaps a little inspiration, and students can get both by checking out “We Are Proud to Present a Presentation …” at the Undermain Theatre.

Written by Jackie Sibblies-Drury and directed by University of Dallas alumnus Dylan Key, the play is a meta-theatrical, poignantly written piece about a troupe of actors that attempts to depict the eradication of the Herero tribe of Nambia during the German colonization.

“The playwright, the way she writes the script, is very prescriptive on some things that she needs to happen,” said Key when asked why he picked the show. “But there are some parts where she just leaves space for creativity, and that was really fun to work on. I knew that it would be a show that I wanted to rehearse for 30 hours a week, but I think that the issues this show is dealing with hit me really hard both as an artist and as an American.”

It’s always exciting to see a good show, but the ambiance of the Undermain Theatre lends to a much more enjoyable experience than usual. Located in the basement of a building on Main Street (under Main — get it?), the theater, Key explained, does “new, experimental theater, with a particular emphasis on poetic or language-driven work.” The small venue allows for a closer relationship between the audience and the actors, which “We Are Proud to Present a Presentation …” used to its full advantage. The actors often made eye contact with audience members, especially during emotional moments.

Though the show is nothing like anything that has been performed at UD, Key thinks that the show’s running themes are things that students will find both familiar and relevant.

“I think it benefits from having young, diverse audiences,” said Key. “I think it’s an entertaining show to see, but it also delves deeply into UD problems of art-making and culture.”

The play will be showing until April 19, so it’s important to check it out while you still can. Tickets can be bought at www.undermain.org, and don’t worry — there is a student discount.



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